Are You Smarter Than a… Dog? | The 7 Smartest Dog Breeds


Sorry to disappoint; this isn’t a game show about if you’re smarter than your chihuahua (who’s probably dragging their butt across the carpet right now). However, if you’re looking to see which dog breeds are smart enough to count, open a fridge, or fetch your newspaper, you’re in the right place. Some breeds are known to be good at certain things, such as working or retrieving, and many have been utilized for herding, the circus, or as therapy dogs. Of course, intelligence varies from dog to dog, but there are certain breeds that are eager to please and are easily motivated to help you (rather than take your entire home-cooked meal off of the counter!). 

Also note that sometimes, intelligence can require consistency and persistent training, so definitely keep that in mind if you’re looking for a new companion. Without further ado, here are some of the world’s smartest dog breeds.




Whether it be a Toy, Miniature, or Standard Poodle, the brains on this pooch are massive. They are very smart and active dogs and were typically bred to help people bring things to land from bodies of water. They are particularly good at obeying, hunting, tracking, and retrieving.

Border Collie

At home in the working class, the Border Collie is known around the world as a top sheep-herder. It is known for its intelligence and is very good at staying calm when doing its job. The smartest dog in the world was a Border Collie named Chaser, who had a huge vocabulary and, apparently, was as smart as a toddler.





German Shepherd

This active breed requires smart and active owners to match their energy. They have focus stamina and can be trained for long periods of time, making them good companions for first responders.

Belgian Malinois

Known for their service in the Navy SEAL, these German Shepherd look-alikes are very agile and learn new commands quickly. They are usually pretty quiet, which can help when in the field, but they do require firm and intense training. They are good protectors, which means they also need socialization early on in life.





Labrador Retriever

Although they have a bad rap (thanks, Marley), Labs are some of the smartest dogs around. The problem usually lies in their intelligence, as they know what they can and can’t get away with. They are natural hunters and workers, and have earned their spot on this list. 


Intelligence is not measured by the size of the brain, which can be seen in the case of the Papillon. This member of the toy breed is labeled as the smartest of their group, and make very good watchdogs. They can even get rid of pests, which requires agility and speed. 






Known for their obedience, Rottweilers make sweet and loyal family members. They have good instincts and learn commands quickly, and are also known to obey commands on the first attempt. They also have a cute little face that will make anyone’s heart melt!

Do you think your dog’s breed is smart but hasn’t made the list? Let us know!

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