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Top 3 Dog Ice Cream Spots in NYC

It’s a hot day, you’ve been hydrating but you need that extra burst of cold sweet flavor of mint chocolate chip, vanilla or strawberry ice cream. Maybe your dog would love that burst of deliciousness too? Well lucky for you,…


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5 Best Ways to Introduce your Dog to a Toddler

Their hands are often sticky, they tend to wobble when they walk, and they scream, cry, and burst out laughing all within a span of five minutes. Toddlers are known for being mercurial, curious, and energetic, and perhaps nobody picks…

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What is Food Therapy?

Food therapy is the science of tailoring diet to an individual’s unique needs. What we feed our pets is important, especially because we often feed them the same thing every day. Food therapy is all about making smart dietary choices…


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Top 5 Gifts for the Best Dog Mom

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