What is a Dog Friendly Place?

noun | dAHg-fren(d)li-plAYsUHz

A business or location smart enough to permit our furry best friends frolic and spend the day with us.

What are the different certifications for dogs and their limitations?

Emotional Support Dog

An emotional support dog helps their handler by providing comfort. The handler must have a diagnosis that the dog can support, but there are no training requirements. Emotional Support Dog Handlers with their dogs do NOT have public access rights.

Therapy Dog

A therapy dog is a pet that volunteers with a handler to visit places such as schools and hospitals by invitation to bring comfort to people. A therapy dog should be tested and insured by an organization to make sure the dog is suitable and to cover the team in case of accidents.

Service Dog

A service dog is specifically trained to mitigate the handler’s disability. The handler must have a disability and the dog must be trained to do tasks that help with the disability. Service dog handlers with their dogs have public access rights.

What kind of Dog-Friendly Places are Featured?

Bet you didn't realize there were so many dog-friendly places.

The Basics

  • Parks
  • Dog Runs
  • Restaurants/Bars

Out of the Box

  • Errands
  • Activities
  • Social Places

For the Tourist Friends

  • Cultural Institutions
  • Tourist attractions