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Let Agnes Tell You if Daycare is Right For Your Pup!

Daycare starts bright and early, and Agnes is bounding down the stairs ready to play! Camp Canine is a luxury doggy daycare on the Upper West Side, and Agnes wants to help you decide whether or not daycare is right for your pup. Let this pocket beagle take you through ‘a day in the life of a Camper’ to determine whether or not your pup would love a day at Camp!

The morning starts with a wrestling match. The moment Agnes gets inside, she is greeted by the same friends she sees every time she comes to Camp Canine. Dogs can maintain friendships much in the same way humans can, and Camp Canine is a way for her to maintain those friendships. Many of her fellow campers follow the same schedule every week, which means she can look forward to seeing them!


As the morning resumes, more campers arrive and the wrestling matches get bigger! Around 9am is Camp Canine’s first ‘doggy interview’ of the day; this is when Camp introduces a brand new dog into daycare to see if they’ll be a good fit. They do this by bringing the new dog into an alcove into the playroom and bringing only a few of the friendliest and most well-adjusted campers into the alcove to meet them. Agnes is one of these campers! She’s always gentle when greeting new pups, and is a great ambassador pup to introduce the newbies to the crowd. The newbie, Stanley, integrates well into the crowd – his mom will be happy to receive a passing report card later!

Agnes continues with her busy schedule: she wins all of her wrestling matches, squeezes in a few quick cuddles with her Counselor, and then it’s lunch time.

Around this time, all of the Campers who receive lunch are put into their own, individual bunks so that they can eat in peace. Agnes munches on her kibble and ends up finishing lunch before most of her classmates; she takes the opportunity to steal a quick nap while she’s alone (so that she can reserve her energy for her next wrestling match, of course!)

After lunch comes midday walks. Every camper gets a midday relief walk included in the cost of daycare (any campers spending the night gets 3 relief walks per day!) – they go in pairs and walk the length of a block for the opportunity to stretch their legs and go potty outside. Today, Agnes is paired up with her fellow Beagle, Enzo – together they hop down the block, breathing in the fresh air, tongues lolling out of their smiling mouths.


Morning wrestles, lunch time and midday walks are over – which means it’s time for one of Agnes’ favorite parts of the day: her add-on activity! Pawrents have the choice between five add-on activities that they can use to enrich their dogs’ day.

Choose between:

  • Central Bark Walks: A 30-min walk In Central Park, one-on-one with your pup and their favorite counselor. They can be treated to a hot dog from an NYC street cart if their diet allows!
  • Brain Games: We have a large collection of engaging puzzles and snuffle mats; if your pup likes using their brain to find tasty treats, then they’ll love our Brain Games!
  • Fetch ‘Til You Drop: Your pup can choose any ball or plushie from the toy chest in our Fetch Room and our Counselors will play fetch, tug, chase – your pup makes the rules!
  • Cuddle Session: Give your pup time away from the hustle and bustle of the room. No distractions, just cozy bedding and a Counselor to cuddle.
  • Camp Craft Time: Your pup will get one-on-one time with their favorite counselor, and you’ll get a beautiful masterpiece painted by their paws!

Today, Agnes’ mom signed her up for Fetch ‘Til You Drop – she dove into the toy chest and grabbed the largest plushie toy she could fit into her mouth! Half of her session was spent playing tug-o-war, the other half was spent entertaining herself and diving out of her Counselor’s reach any time they came near. Her Counselor took the opportunity to snap a few pics of her playing; any time pawrents sign their pup up for an add-on activity, they can see pictures of that activity on our private Facebook Group later that day.


The day has been so full of entertainment and stimulation, Agnes has a choice to make after her fetch session – should she continue on with the wrestling marathon of the day? Should she take a nap? In the end, she joins the half of the playroom that tends to fall victim to the busyness of the day and takes a big snooze. Her Counselor calls her name, awaking her from her slumber – it’s time for her to go home! Her mom will have dinner, toys and cuddles waiting for her, and that night she’ll fall asleep dreaming of her next visit to Camp.

In the end, Agnes agrees that daycare is the pawfect place for your pup if your dog:

  • loves socializing with other dogs
  • is very smart and could use extra enrichment
  • tends to get bored if left alone during the day
  • is an active pup who can burn their energy by playing or pawticipating in the add-on activities
  • is a well-adjusted and independent pup who can spend time apart from you

Learn more about Camp Canine by emailing or calling our Reservations Team: (212) 787-3647, [email protected] and follow us on Instagram: @nycampcanine

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