What is a Veterinarian?

noun | vet·​er·​i·​nar·​i·​ans | ve-tə-rə-ˈner-ē-əns

amazing humans and heroes that save our dogs daily and dedicate their lives to the health of our fur babies

Things You Didn’t Know About Vets

Fun Facts about these cool humans!

General Practice Veterinarians are all trained in General Anesthesia, CPR, Basic Dentistry, Basic Surgery, and Medicine

Veterinary Specialists exist across all aspects of medicine, just like for people. This includes Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Cardiology, Surgery, Neurology, Internal Medicine, Oncology, and more

Most common ailments amongst pets are: Dental Disease, Obesity, Ear Infections, Skin Infections, Arthritis - in that order

Does Your Vet Meet these Requirements?

Can perform diagnostic tests to find out what may be wrong with your pup

Vets are required to participate in Annual Continuing Education and Training - this makes sure Vets continue to practice up-to-date medicine

Is thoroughly knowledgeable about vet best practices