What is Dog Spotted?

Dog Spotted is the ultimate tool for NYC dog parents to find their Veterinarian or Dog Friendly Place to explore with their dog. 

The site is designed for dog parents who want to be the best dog parent to their fur-baby. We have connected with experts in the dog space and long-time dog parents to answer your questions. 

We offer expert-written content, small business discount codes, a rescue database to find your next furry friend and events to connect with dog pros and new friends!

How does Dog Spotted differ from other Dog Blogs?

Dog Spotted’s content is primarily written by dog experts. (Veterinarians, Trainers, Groomers, Walkers, etc.) When you see content written by a dog parent it is mostly anecdotal or sharing recommendations of products. 
Also, Dog Spotted has a feature on the home blog page where you can submit a question to an expert.

How does direct message work for Vets?

Visit the selected Vets profile and click the “Direct Message” button. From there you’ll be able to directly message a Vet practice and your messages will be easy to read like a text conversation.

What does the blue checkmark mean?

A blue checkmark verifies the business has filled out the information below. You can count on this information being accurate!

How can I submit my question to Mary Puppins?

Check out our home page for our blog, scroll down and you’ll find a place to submit your questions. Please expect 2-4 weeks for an answer.

What does each blog category mean?

  • Paw-renthood: Advice from dog parents, experts to help you be the best dog parent you can be.
  • Entertainment: Fun content, tips on best entertainment or tools (i.e. mobile apps) to look into.
  • Outings: Dog-friendly places to check out with your dogs.
  • Advice: Guidance from long-term dog parents and experts on niche topics.
  • Products: Recommendations from experts and long-term dog parents that they just love!
  • Wellness: Safety precautions and information regarding the health of your pup.

How do I collaborate with dogspotted.com or @DogSpotted on IG?

We love working with dog people, dog brands, and experts. If interested in partnering with any of the following please fill out this form.

How do I submit a blog to be featured on Dog Spotted?

Click the form here to be considered.

How can I get my dog’s picture on the site or on your Instagram?

For the site, the best way to do this is write to us at [email protected] and provide an idea to utilize the picture. Or you can check out our instagram accounts @dogspotted.

How do I get my business added to the shop small page?

Dog Spotted is very selective as we value quality over quantity. You can submit an application for review here, but please note there are no guarantees as we only offer the best to our Spotters.

How do I sign up for events?

Events are promoted via Instagram and our e-newsletter. If you’re interested in meeting dog parents online and in person we recommend you signing/following Dog Spotted.

How does the e-newsletter differ from the website?

The e-newsletter features exclusive content that you sometimes won’t find elsewhere. Like what you ask? The ulti-mutt guide (comprehensive content written by experts that is not on the website) product recommendations from our founder, dog stories, dog advice, exclusive promo codes from small businesses, and more. You will receive our e-newsletter every Friday at 6am EST. You don’t want to miss out. You can sign up here.

The website provides countless articles that you can search at any time, search NYC rescues, updated weekly with new content, customizable to your dog, user-friendly and cute dog videos. I mean, who doesn’t want that??