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Find your pack by joining the New York Dog Club. Being a new dog parent is SO fun, but can also be exhausting and overwhelming.

Meet other dog parents and experts to navigate the rollercoaster of dog parenthood.

Enter the New York Dog Club

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The Perks

Access to Experts

Get to know Vets, trainers, groomers, walkers and other dog service providers before taking the leap of bringing your dog to their business.

Meet Like-Minded Dog Parents

It’s hard in a big city to meet dog parents like yourself. Or a dog that will get along with similar dogs. Each person will have a profile allowing them to introduce their dog to best see if there’s a potential match for socialization.

Dog Friendly Events

The New York Dog Club will be hosting virtual and in-person events for New York Dog Club members. From Dogs & Donuts to Edutainment, you’ll quickly become a dog pro by joining this community.

Be the Dog Parent your Dog Deserves ​

Train and learn from the best! NYC dog trainers are here to help guide you in enhancing your relationship with your dog. (And yes, it’s free!)

What does the New York Dog Club look like?

(here’s a sneak peek below)