10 Accessories Your Pooch Could Wear to Your Wedding


It wouldn’t be the biggest and best day of your life if your dog wasn’t a part of it! Whether they’re playing the role of a ring-bearer, a flower dog, or just being the dog of honor, a special occasion calls for a special outfit. Here are11 ways you can dress up your favorite buddy on your wedding day.



‘I Do Too’ Bandana

Buy On: Etsy.com

Price: $28.99

At the end of the day, a wedding is not just about the two of you but your families as well, and there’s no family member more important than your four-legged furbaby. Why not make them a vital part of the ceremony by dressing them up in this adorable bandana. Make sure to get loads of pictures! 

Personalized Bow-tie Collar

Buy On: Etsy.com

Price: $17.00

When everyone’s got their best outfit on, why should your pooch be any different? Order this custom engraved leather collar that will make any dog look super stylish and sophisticated! It comes in a myriad of colors so pick one that goes best with your wedding decor.





Dog of Honor Bandana

Buy On: Etsy.com

Price: $18.99

Let your furry best friend turn heads in this one-of-a-kind bandana that lets everyone know exactly who he is – the dog of honor! Don’t expect him to do any actual work though, other than looking adorable all day long. 


Dog Flower Wreath

Buy on: etsy.com

Price: $39.99

Isn’t this the perfect flower dog attire? Even if your pooch won’t be walking down the aisle, this wreath will make for some amazing pictures, especially if you’re having a boho-themed wedding. This seller has quite a few styles and colors to choose from, so find the one that matches your pup!





Succulent Leash

Buy On: Etsy.com

Price: $40.04

Go all out on your wedding by getting this extraordinary leash for your pooch. It even comes engraved with the words “I do too”. It may be a little over the top but it’s beautiful and hey, when else is your pup going to be able to pull off something like this? 


Dog Tuxedo

Buy On: Etsy.com

Price: $98.00

Make sure your dog looks extra dapper and sharp by dressing him up in this one-of-a-kind pupxedo. It fits over most collars and has a fast release buckle for easy fitting and removal. It’ll make sure your pupper outshines all other groomsmen (and maybe even the groom)!





Dog Bridesmaid Dress

Buy On: Etsy.com

Price: $14.99

All girls love pretty things, even the canine kinds. Let your sweet girl match the bride in this blinged-out, adorable lace and rhinestone white dress. Needless to say, it’s best for small dogs.

Bowtie and Cuffs

Buy On: Amazon.com

Price: $7.98

Could there be anything swankier than cuffs for dogs? I think not. Add to that the matching bowtie and your pooch is going to look absolutely debonair at the wedding. Move aside, James Bond!



Classic Tux With Boutonniere

Buy On: Etsy.com

Price: $89.00

If you have a really good boy on hand who is patient enough to wear this fancy-schmancy tux, lucky you! It is customized as per your dog’s measurements for the perfect fit.

With a single-breasted lapel, cotton shirt, and gorgeous hand-made boutonniere, this outfit will make sure your pooch steals the show at your wedding


Cute Signs

Buy On: Etsy.com

Price: $32.02

If your dogs aren’t the costume-wearing kind, why not put a personalized sign on them only for picture time. That way, they won’t get stressed and you will still have adorable photos of them from your wedding. This heart-shaped acrylic sign has a rounded point for comfort and two holes at the back with a thick black ribbon. Just be sure to supervise your pooches while they have this on.



No matter which of these options you choose, I’m sure your doggo is going to look like the amazing star that they are on your special day. Do you plan on including your pooch at your wedding? How are you going to dress them up? Let us know!

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