Adorable Photography Ideas from Famous Pooches in NYC


If you’re anything like me, your phone gallery probably has more photos of your dog than humans. Can you really blame us though? They are adorable and make the best models! So, if you’re looking for more dog photography ideas that will make people go “Aww”, check out these photogenic pooches from NYC and their pawsome photos.



With a Baby

Dogs and babies are a match made in cuteness heaven! So if you’re lucky enough to have both in your life, it’s easy to get tons of adorable photos of them cuddling or just hanging out. Seriously I can’t decide who is the cutest in this shot!

The Birthday Shot

A special day deserves a special photo, don’t you agree? If you’re celebrating your furbaby’s birthday, go all out with the decor, outfit, and accessories including a festive hat. They will love the extra fuss and you will get a great photograph. Win-win!





The Head Tilt

Is there anything more adorable than a dog’s head tilt when they’re listening intently? I think not! Capture your furbaby at their cutest by playing a video of other pups howling, or sing to them in a high-pitched voice. You’re bound to get their attention and a cute photo without having to try too hard.

When They’re Being Goofy

This one is easy to capture because our fur babies are the best at being absolute goofballs! So whip out your camera whenever they’re up to no good and you’re sure to get plenty of good photos. After all, the best kind of pictures are the ones that make us laugh.





Get Musical

Props are a great way to add a fun element to your pooch’s photos, especially if it’s something related to your profession or hobbies. Think guitars or other musical instruments, books if you like reading, a camera if you’re a photographer, or maybe a toy stethoscope if you are a doctor. Get creative and have fun with it!

Hug it Out

If there’s anything Louboutina the “Hugging Dog” has taught us, it’s that hugs are the need of the hour. So hug your near and dear ones, especially your furbabies, and take plenty of photos while doing so!





Pose Like a Human

To be honest, I’m quite stumped that anyone can get a pooch to pose like this but I guess when you’re chill like Agador aka “The Bob Ross of Dogs”, anything is possible! So, put on some clothes on your doggo, add a bag, and try to get him to pose like a human. Even if he fails, at least you will have a charming photo to smile at.

Just Chilling

As Obi-Wan the Maltese and his brother Dior prove time and again, dogs in outfits are always cute. Throw on a cool jacket and some stylish sunglasses on your pooch and let them shine like the star they are!





Matching Outfits

Dogs in outfits are cute but dogs in matching outfits with their human are the cutest! This is a great idea for aspiring fashion bloggers who are looking to attract more followers on social media. After all, who can resist a pooch channeling their inner fashionista?

Make it Seasonal

There’s nothing cuter than a picture of your furry pumpkin with a bunch of pumpkins. This is such a lovely fall photo idea, don’t you think? Add a scarf or a cozy sweater to make it even more delightful! There are also so many ideas to play within Winter, Spring, and Summer!





With Their Favorite Toy

Whether it’s a squeaky starfish, a plush steak toy, or a bouncy ball, all doggos have their favorite toy, and posing with it will bring out the best in them. In the case of Mr. Brussels Sprout (what a cute name!), that just happens to be a giant tennis ball. Just look at his teeny-tiny face!

With Their BFFs

What’s better than one pupper? Many puppers of course! Get your dog’s best friends to pose with him for a memorable Insta-worthy shot. It won’t be easy getting them all to stay still but maybe dangling a treat will do the trick.






This account is basically picture after picture of doggo snouts and I’m living for it! There’s just something about extreme close-up photos of their cute faces that are bound to make you smile. I mean look at those puppy eyes and that totally boop-worthy nose. D’aww!

Get to the BOTTOM of it

There’s something about their short legs and fluffy backsides that make Corgi butts the cutest but something tells me this would be just as amusing no matter what breed your dog is. There’s only one way to find out…





Holding a Sign

If dogs could talk, what would they have to say? Until we know the answer to that, I guess we could just make them hold signs with funny, inspirational, and thought-provoking messages. This is of course inspired by the dudewithsign account but it’s so much better when it’s a pooch!

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