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Top 10 Dog Parks in NYC


New York City is saturated with concrete. It lines and paves our sidewalks and roads, but may not be the best place for our dogs to run freely. That’s why we want to bring your attention to these dog parks that are flush with grass, dirt and water. Dogs love to play in these natural elements and having an enclosed space to watch them allows you to rest easy. Here are the 10 best dog parks to visit if you and your pooch are in NYC.



Central Park – East Meadow (Upper East Side)

Location: Fifth Avenue between 97th and 100th Streets

The East Meadow was originally intended to be an arboretum and still boasts some of the finest trees in Central Park. One magnificent American Elm, designated an official “Great Tree of New York,” is believed to date back to the 1800s. There’s tons of space for your dog to walk and this is a great place to meet some furry friends!

Madison Square Dog Park Run

Location: 24th Street on the west side of the park

This is a little dog run in a 7-acre city park with an area for smaller breeds with water & clean-up bags provided. This park is smaller than many others but is big in popularity!  The double-gated area makes getting in and out a breeze, especially during the busy summer months.  There are lots of features that make this location special including umbrellas, tree shade, and benches to sit on. There is also provided water for pets, and a private area for small dogs to play without the danger of getting trampled on by the big dogs!  If you haven’t visited the Madison location, you’re missing out!  This park is also free.



Hillside Dog Park

Location: Columbia Heights and Hicks Street, between Middagh Street and Vine Street (in Brooklyn)

This park is fenced in and includes a wooded area for those whose dogs love exploring.  There is also a separate area for small dogs to enjoy without the hassle of big dogs. With almost 2 acres of fenced-in land and benches for owners to chill on, this park can be a great diversion for you and your pup!

Chelsea Waterside Dog Park

Location: 11th Avenue & West 23rd Street (Chelsea Waterside Dog Run at Hudson River Park)

This dog run is more on the smaller side and is more artificial than some of the other choices on this list (i.e. it is mostly concrete). However, that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun for you and your pup. There are stairs, rocks, and hills that your dogs can run and climb on. Dogs that frequent this park love to run around, chase each other, and play hide and seek. Keep in mind that there is no designated space for small dogs here though.


Max Guliani for Hudson River Park


Tompkins Square Park

Location: East 9th Street path in Thompson Square Park between Avenue A and Avenue B

This recently renovated dog run is a perfect place for your pup to blow off steam. This park includes a state-of-the-art run surface made of decomposed granite sand, underground drainage, a large and small dog park, 3 doggie swimming pools, picnic tables, and a hose and bathing area to clean the dirt off your dog before you go home. This is a great park for those hot summer months when your dog might get too hot easily, as they can always cool off in the doggie pool!

Prospect Park Dog Beach

Location: 95 Prospect Park West in Brooklyn, NY

This is not necessarily a dedicated dog run but a huge grassy field where your pup can play during off-leash hours. During the weekends, there can be hundreds of dogs frolicking around. There is also a doggie beach with a pond for dogs to swim in. We are 98% sure this is what doggie heaven looks like. There are even social events hosted by FIDO in this park during the year, keep an eye out!


Bregman Vet


Rockaway Freeway Dog Park

Location: Rockaway Freeway and Beach 84th Street

This dog park is huge, with over 2.25 acres of grass for your dog to roam. There are separate spaces for small and large dogs so everyone can have fun. This park even has some agility equipment that your dog can play and exercise on. This park also has picnic tables for the owners to sit at and free water so your pup can stay hydrated.

Carl Schurz Park

Location: East End Avenue between East 84th and East 90th Streets (Manhattan)

Carl Schurz Park has two fenced-in runs for your pup to run and play. There’s plenty of benches for you and plenty of wide-open green grass for your dog. While it doesn’t have any fancy features, this is a great place to go if you want your pup to stretch their legs and run around.


Ali On The Run


Pug Hill

Location: 5th Avenue & E 74th Street

A group of Pug owners meets here on weekends at noon and allows their Pugs to roam off-leash. If you have a Pug and want them to make some friends this is a great place to start! If you don’t have a pug, consider checking it out anyway. It’s quite a sight to see a group of pugs running free around the park.

Sirius Dog Run

Location: 385 South Avenue at the Battery Park City Conservatory (in the Financial District)

This asphalt dog run is small but packs a ton of fun into one small area. There are plenty of obstacles, dips and hills for playful pups to roam. There’s even a little doggie pool for your dog to cool off (and for you to clean off any grime your dog got on their coat!). It also has benches, plenty of trees, and a water fountain in case you or your pup get thirsty.


Do you have a favorite dog run in NYC? Let us know in the comment below. Don’t forget to become a spotter to get new dog activities and training advice every week.

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