Dog Meetups in NYC


Are you looking to meet other dogs that are just like yours? We’ve curated a list of NYC dog breed meetups so you no longer have to keep researching! This list continues to grow as dog parents decide to create their own events for their dogs breed.

Below we will be featuring 5 dog breed meetups. To see the full list of dog breed meetups, the link will be found at the bottom of this blog.



Corgi’s of NYC

This fantastic meetup has brought in doggo celebrity @MadMax_FluffyRoad (924k followers). This event is super PUP-ular and has dogs wiggling butts all day long.

If you’re interested in going to a corgi meetup…

Check out @corgis_of_nyc

Boston Terrier Meetup

This Boston Terrier Meetup hosts monthly meetups, so you can always count on seeing these adorable flat-nosed puppers.

Check out @nyc_bostonterriers





Pomeranian Meetup

All little fluffers are welcome to meet other pomerians at these fantastic meetups. Especially as smaller dogs, it can be intimidating to go to other dog runs, so this is a great opportunity for your dog to play with others their own size.

Check out @pomstateofmind

Golden Retriever Meetup

The classic blondes that we love to call Golden Retrievers! This meet up launched in late 2022 and is excited to host monthly events in NYC.

Check out @goldens.of.nyc





Dachshund Meetup

These little hot dogs love playing and strutting their adorable long bodies! Meet other doxies at these super fun meetups!

Check out @nycdoxies

Didn’t see your breed listed above? Click here to see the full list of NYC dog breed meetups.

If your dog is a mutt, you’re always welcome to attend the dog specific meetups or you can see what other dog friendly events are happening here.

If you are starting your own dog breed meetup in NYC and would like it to be listed, please complete the following:

  1. Create an account on Dog Spotted. (it’s free!)
  2. Send an email to [email protected] with the following information:
  • Your Name
  • Your Dog’s Name
  • Your IG handle
  • A link or screenshot to a post featuring a meetup you’ve hosted or is coming up.

3. Once it’s been approved by our team, you will be notified that you’ve been added to the list.

4. To ensure your upcoming dog meetup is featured on Dog Spotted’s IG calendar, please submit any future events here.


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