Best Hikes In The Pacific Northwest For You And Your Pet


We often get the question of “where can I go hiking with my dog?” And we LOVE this question because incorporating hikes into your dog life can improve your pup’s health and happiness – and maybe even yours too! Taking in the outdoors is one of the most fun adventures you can have with your dog, but some national parks have an ecosystem that is too delicate for pups. Check out these dog-friendly hiking spots for you and your dog to explore.

Please note not all dogs are meant for long hikes, think low-energy, short legs… But dogs of all ages can enjoy hiking. So if you’re thinking… what age can my dog start hiking? Today! As long as they have all their basic shots and have in place tick preventative measures to protect your dog.


Before we list our top hiking spots of the Pacific Northwest, let’s review some hiking etiquette in all of the areas listed:

  • Remember always to keep your dog on a leash. Even if your dog is highly responsive to voice commands, most parks and trails require dogs to remain on a leash to protect them from wildlife (and as a means to protect other park goers and tourists). 
  • Leave no trace when it comes to you or your pet.
  • Carry water, food, and gear for your dog. It’s not a bad idea to also carry a first aid kit.
  • Hikers, without dogs, should be given the right of way. 

Now, on to the best hikes for you and your pup in the Pacific NorthWest (which consists of Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. Here are some of the top scenic trails for you and your pet in each state:



Cape Lookout: This scenic park is near Tillamook, Oregon, and serves several tourists as the perfect destination for beachcombing and day hikes. Pets are allowed on the beaches but no matter the type of training, size of the dog, or breed, they request for your pet to be on a leash at all times at Cape Lookout.

Tamanawas Falls Hike: This trail is not very strenuous and includes a beautiful waterfall and extends close to four miles and opens from May-October. Dogs are allowed on this trail, but as it is a hot spot and acquires a lot of attraction because of its beautiful stunning waterfalls, they request them to on a leash at all times. 

Green Lakes: This hike near Central Oregon, nestled within the Deschutes National Forest, provides shy of 9 miles of trail for pedestrians and their furry companions. This trail is labeled as moderate and is open from June to October. 


Dog Mountain: This hike is easy to get to and has some exceptional views as you overlook endless fields of spring wildflowers. If you want to catch the beautiful flower peak during May, this loop is open and known for its wildflower peak during May and June but is otherwise open all year round, aside from exceptional snowfall. 

Mount Ellinor: Mount Ellinor is unique as it offers two trailheads you can choose from; you can enjoy a more leisurely route on the lower trailhead that is about six miles, while the upper trailhead spans for 3.2 miles round-trip. 







Boise River Greenbelt: Boise River Greenbelt is a 46-mile trail that has gained popularity because of its beautiful surroundings and ease of access to recreational sites. There’s pavement on most of the path, so it is a perfect location if you want to take a stroll with your furry friend and enjoy some of the outdoors without having too strenuous of an impact on you or your your dog‘s feet.

Tubbs Hill: This trail is a small loop known for its picturesque photo opportunities and historical landmarks that you hit from the path along the way. It’s an easy two-mile trek that loops along Coeur D’Alene Lake.

Do any of you have a favorite hike in the Pacific Northwest? Share your favorite locations below!

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