5 Eco-friendly Dog Toy Brands


It can be hard to be an eco-conscious pup-parent when the majority of dog toys are made out of plastic. Eco-friendly dog toys are those that are plant-based, made of recycled materials, compostable, and non-toxic, meaning there is a wide range of options to find eco-friendly toys that your dog will still love. Here are some toy brands that provide your dog with endless fun and will leave you with a clean conscience. The best part, some are eco-friendly chew toys! Let the playtime begin with these brands.



West Paw

This USA-based dog gear brand has created their own plastic blend for toys called Zogoflex, which can be used and recycled into more Zogoflex over and over again. West Paw also uses Intelliloft, which is a fiber made completely from recycled plastics. They use it for some plush toys and their beds, and it is completely non-toxic. When your dog has completely destroyed a toy, just send it back to them; they will continue to recycle your used materials into more toys and supplies to pass it on to the next pup!

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Harry Barker

If you’re looking for variety and creativity, Harry Barker is the way to go. This brand’s toy section has cute frisbees, squirrels, toy sneakers, rope bones, and more. They also have eco-friendly gear categorized by function, so they’ve got you covered from dog shampoos to poop bag dispensers. Harry Barker donates a portion of their proceeds to three different non-profit organizations, and their products are made of repurposed, sustainable materials. They use hemp, azo-free dyes, and all of their bed inserts are made from 100% recycled plastics, so it’s clear that they’re fulfilling their promise to “improve the lives of pets and their people.

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Planet Dog

Planet Dog prides itself on producing high-quality, durable, eco-friendly dog toys that are “tuff” enough to satisfy even the heaviest of chewers. They make puzzle-treat containers, balls, flying discs, and even treats. Planet Dog has committed itself to designing eco-friendly products and shipping supplies, aiming to reduce waste from shop to home.

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SPOT Ethical Products, Inc.

Established almost 70 years ago, Ethical Products, Inc. aims to provide consumers with high-quality pet products through the usage of eco-friendly products and practices. SPOT is one of the brands under Ethical Products, and they develop toys and other ethically sourced dog and cat gear. Some of their most famous toys are in their Skinneeez collection, which includes durable, cottonless, toy animals.

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Pets Lifestyle and You (aka P.L.A.Y) is a major player in the eco-friendly dog product market. P.L.A.Y mainly started getting noticed after producing sustainable dog beds. However they also offer a ton of dog and cat toys as well. There’s something for every dog in their inventory including plush toys, toys for power chewers, outdoor toys (ropes, frisbees, balls), and even some food puzzles too!

PLAY Time Starts Now

Eco-friendly dog companies are always a good choice, especially since the majority do their best to eliminate harmful dyes and chemicals. Tell us an eco-friendly dog company you swear by!

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