10 Must-Have Items for the Perfect Summer Kit for Your Dog


Summer is a glorious time to soak up the sun and get more outdoor time with your dog. Think beach trips, hikes, summer camps, and picnics! While you’re busy having fun, don’t forget to ensure that your dog stays healthy, happy, and hydrated all summer long. Here are some must-have items that will keep your dog as cool as a cucumber this summer.



Dog Pool

Price: $25.99- $49.99

Let your doggo cool down in style in this portable and foldable dog pool. Made of tough anti-scratch PVC material, this pool has a non-slip bottom and is easy to drain. It is extremely durable and comes in four different sizes so you can pick one according to the size of your dog. All in all, it’s absolutely perfect for those warm days out in the backyard!

Help your dog cool down

Paw & Bone Shaped Silicone Mold

Price: $8.99

Summer is the ideal time to whip up some delicious cold treats for your pupper. God knows he’s going to love a yogurt strawberry banana treat or frozen beef broth after spending hours playing outside. These paw and bone-shaped silicone molds will make your treats look super cute and (hopefully) taste better too. They are also dishwasher, oven, and microwave safe so you can even bake in them. Win-win!

Mold your pup some treats






Cooling Bandana

Price: $9.99

There are a lot of ways too cool your dog down. This is just one of the great ways to keep your dog cool for the summer. Kill two birds with one stone by getting your dog these adorable cooling bandanas. Not only will your dog look dapper as heck but they will also stay cool all summer long. Simply soak them in water, leave them to chill in the fridge, and then put them on your dog for an immediate cooling effect. Seriously though, how cute are they?! These are definitely some of the best ways to keep your dog chill. 

Cool Down in Style

Cooling Mat

Price: $21.98-$47.98

Sometimes a dog just needs to chill and nothing does that better than this unique cooling mat that doesn’t need water, electricity, or even refrigeration. The pressure-activated gel technology starts cooling your dog on contact, continues for up to 3 hours, and automatically recharges after 15-20 minutes of non-use. It comes in three sizes and can be used anywhere that your pooch likes including the floor, his crate, or even in the car. Just keep it away from direct sunlight and you’re good to go!

It does MATter that your dog is cool





Outdoor Water Bottle

I cannot stress just how important it is to keep your dog well-hydrated during summer: especially if you’re planning to go hiking, camping, or to the beach. Simply press the button to fill water into the bowl section and once your pooch is done drinking, hold it upright and press the button again to let the extra water flow back in. No wasting water and it’s leakproof!

Make it Easy to Hydrate


Sprinkler Pad

Price: $26.99

Make summertime extra fun by letting your dog splash around in this sprinkler pad. Made of environmentally friendly PVC material, this pad is easy to fold and easier to transport. All you have to do is plug the sprinkler into a garden hose or PVC tubing, adjust water pressure, and let your dog have the time of his life!

Sprinkle some Love






Freezable Dog Toy

Price: $9.98

No matter how big our puppies get, they just can’t get over chewing stuff, can they? This toy can be frozen to keep your dog cool when it’s hot outside and hydrate him at the same time. It’s also durable enough for aggressive chewers and teething puppies and great for their dental health!

The Coolest Toy in Town



Dog Sun Skin Protector Spray

Price: $18.95

Just like us, our canine best friends also need protection from the harsh rays of the sun, especially during summer. This special sun skin protector comes in a convenient spray form, contains no zinc oxide and other harsh chemicals, and is safe for all breeds. It is non-greasy and contains shea butter and coconut oil for extra nourishment and shine!

Keep your Dog Protected






Life Jacket

Price: $13.99-$22.99

Is it a dog? Is it a mermaid? It’s a pooch in an adorable mermaid life jacket of course! If you’re planning a trip to the beach, pool, or lake this summer, do invest in this awesome life jacket for your dog. Even if they are an amazing swimmer, it’s important to always put safety first. The jacket has an adjustable belt, quick-release buckles and it comes in four sizes. Plus it is hot pink guys!

Float on with these Adorable Life Jackets

Dog Sneakers

Price: $26.99-$32.99

Dog footwear isn’t just for winter. These are great dog sneakers for the summer – not only protecting your dog from hot cement but also looking fresh! It’s essential to protect your dog’s paws from hot surfaces, abrasive objects, and other elements especially when temperatures are soaring outside. These lightweight vet-approved sneakers will fit to your pooch’s natural paw shape and have ventilation mesh for maximum comfort and breathability. They come in Small, Medium, and Large and three different colors so your dog can be super stylish, safe and an absolute fashionista at the same time! 

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Rif Ruf is the Way to Go



With these items in tow, your precious pooch is guaranteed to have a memorable, happy, and safe summer! You are ready to go to keep your dog cool in the Summer inside or outside. What are some must-have summer products you recommend for dogs? Tell us in the comments.

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