3 Home Cleaning Tips That Are Safe For Your Dog


Maybe you’re the type of person to let their dog sit on the couch, or perhaps those toys are smelling a little too much like dog food. It’s hard to find the perfect cleaning solution, especially since so many products have particularly strong scents that can be harmful to dogs. After much trial and error, I finally found a few all-natural methods to clean up my apartment. Here are 3 tips to help you clean your own home and keep your pup happy.



Cleaning Furniture

As long as you’re not planning on having anyone over anytime soon, We have a perfect method to wipe down that leather couch. I typically mix together a capful of vinegar, a cup and a half of water, and an unmeasured amount of dawn soap, and then dip a paper towel or sponge into the mixture to clean. This cost-effective cleaning solution can be made time and time again and is a great non-chemical choice. The smell can be a little on the strong side, but with an open window and a fan, you’ll be fine.

Cleaning Rugs/Carpets

Shag carpets are lovely to look at, but hard to clean. If your pup rolls all over it, the hair can get stuck and continue building up over time. Vacuum before filling an empty spray bottle with castile soap and hydrogen peroxide. Then, spritz down the carpet with the mixture. Blot away the stains or pick up any remaining hair with a brush. After you’re done, throw the rug outside to sundry, or use a fan if you’re lazy. The process can be quite time-consuming, but it certainly gets the job done.






Dog Toys

The best part about vinegar is that it’s completely safe for your pup. If you ever need to clean rubber or silicone dog toys, mix together 2.5 tsp of vinegar for every cup of water and rinse well after cleaning. If you want to wash soft toys, you can replace detergent with ¼ cup of vinegar and throw them in the washing machine. Both of these ways ensure that your dog’s toys stay safe for them to chew all day long. You can also use this method to wash collars, leashes, raincoats, or anything else your dog wears.

Getting it All

Missed a spot? A blacklight is a great tool to make sure you got it all. It works particularly well on hard surfaces, but it can also be used on the rug, carpet, or duvet cover.

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How do you like these non-toxic cleaners? Do you have your own concoctions? Share your methods with us! Be sure to also become a Spotter for more doggie care tips like how to groom your dog!

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