3 Reasons to Consider Home Cooking for Your Dog

As a dog parent, you’ve likely perused the food options available at your local pet or grocery store. Because we live in such a health-conscious era, your mind is probably teeming with questions like, “What’s with all the artificial coloring in my dog food?” “What are these ingredients I’ve never heard of?”, “Is 22% crude protein sufficient enough for my pooch?”

With all the uncertainties surrounding commercial dog food, many pet parents have become curious about preparing their own canine cuisine. Today we’re going to go over:

  • What nutritional information you need to implement home cooking for your dog
  • Reasons why home-cooked meals are better for your dog (and your wallet)

Is it healthy to feed my dog home-cooked meals?


The first question you should ask is how healthy is it feeding your dog home-cooked meals. According to Dr. Richard Goldstein, Chief Medical Officer at the New York City Animal Medical Center: “It has to be done the right way. Our nutritional requirements are different from dogs’, especially when it comes to vitamins and minerals.”

While it might be tempting to start exploring some DIY doggie grub, we recommend always consulting your vet to ensure your dog is receiving all the nutrients and vitamins needed to stay healthy. As Dr. Judy Morgan, veterinarian and author of What’s For Dinner, Dexter?: Cooking For Your Dog Using Chinese Medicine Theory, explains:  “Let’s say you (unintentionally) neglect to feed your pup enough calcium. What’ll happen is his/her body will begin draining this vital vitamin from their bones, which over time can be extremely harmful to your dog’s well-being”. 

So, while preparing home-cooked meals for your playful pooch can have life-changing benefits, make sure you take the time to consult your veterinarian and do your research. That is the best way to ensure the health and safety of your four-legged friend.

Why should I make home-cooked meals for my dog?

Wondering why you should consider home-cooked meals for your dog? Here’s why:



It’s Cost-Effective

Generic doggie kibble may be on the cheaper side, but most pet owners have opted for more premium options. These include home-delivered meals and high-end brand name foods. By hitting the kitchen and serving up a freshly made plate for your dog, you’ll likely reduce your monthly spending on commercial dog food. Oh, and if you’re the type of pooch parent that loves a good grocery-store bargain or even has their own backyard garden, you’re in luck! The savings compared to kibble and canned food can be enormous. So much so, that you may be able to spoil your rambunctious little pal with some new toys or treats. 

We recommend popular subscription services like Super Chewer BarkBox which sends toys, treats, and goodies to your cuddle buddy each month. 

The Availability of Supplies Makes Meal Prep a Breeze

With technology constantly evolving, there are now a plethora of affordable chef-grade tools and available to make home cooking simple and effortless. Between food processors, electric pressure cookers, the crockpot, digital scales, and sous vide equipment, you’ll have all the supplies necessary to make doggie meal prep efficient, easy, and dare I say, fun!





You’ll Improve the Health and Wellness of Your Dog

Processed pet food, just like human food, is exposed to a number of factors during the manufacturing process that negatively impacts its quality. Think about it from this perspective – would you only feed yourself or loved ones food from a can or bag for years on end? (we sure hope not!). 

Mass-produced commercial pet food must also be cooked at extremely high temperatures in order to kill pathogens and bacteria and satisfy federal safety standards. However, this process also neutralizes the beneficial vitamins and minerals that your pup needs for a balanced diet. Not to mention the rabbit hole of questionable sourcing techniques and iffy ingredients in big name dog food brands.

Home Cooked Dog Food for the Win

Save time and money by doggie meal prepping that covers a few weeks of scrumptious cuisine. Your pooch requires a healthy balance of carbs, vitamins, protein, fats, and minerals. By tapping into the expertise of a pet nutritionist or your vet, you’ll be able to strengthen your pup’s diet and well-being. There are also tons of doggy supplements available, like Canine Complete, which are made with natural whole food ingredients while containing powerful



It can be very meaningful and rewarding to give your furry family member food that was made with love. If you want more tips and tricks on keeping your pup’s health in tiptop shape, become a Spotter and get our newsletter and links to the best canine content around.

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