6 Best Vets Below 14th Street in 2022


It’s so hard to find the right Veterinarian for you and your dog when there are so many to choose from! That’s why we did the hard work and found the best below 14th street vets. Manhattanites rejoice – you have six great options!

Please note the order of Vets listed is not a ranking.

downtown vet - below 14th street vet


Seaport Animal Hospital

  • Neighborhood: South Street Seaport/Financial District
  • Location: 80 Beekman St (inside the courtyard of Southbridge Towers)
  • Dog Spotted Profile
  • The Team: Dr. Erika Luzuriaga and Dr. Michelle Jang

What to Expect

  • Fear Free Certified Professionals to give your dogs the best care possible
  • Emergency Care and extensive referral services support for specialist care
  • Promotional offerings: Current promotions include senior client discount, a multi-pet discount, and a $25 referral program!

Check our Seaport Animal Hospital

Village Vet

  • Neighborhood: Lower East Side
  • Location: 318 E 11th St (btw 2nd and 1st Ave)
  • Dog Spotted Profile
  • The Team: Dr. Oz Moscovich, Dr. Mike Marder, Dr. Monica Murphy, Dr. Danielle Mossa, Dr. Elizabeth Anilionis

Tell me a bit more about Village Vet…

  • Dog Nutrition: Food is a key ingredient to your dog’s long-term health and the team here has significant expertise in nutritional guidance for your pooch
  • Behavior Consultations: Every dog is different and some may carry behavioral issues from past traumas. The team at Village Vet is experienced dealing with these issues and can help advise dog parents to best support their dogs who have behavioral issues 
  • Flexible Payment: The team at Village Vet recognizes how expensive providing the best care for your dog can be. That’s why they offer flexible options like escrow accounts and Care Credit, a credit card specifically for veterinarians.

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Tribeca Soho Animal Hospital

  • Neighborhood: Tribeca/SoHo
  • Location: 180 6th Ave (btw Prince Street and Spring St.)
  • Dog Spotted Profile
  • The Team: Dr. Nicole Abusada Travezan, Dr. Jean-Paul Petrie, Dr. Timnah Lee, Dr. Alexandre Rousseau

What can I expect at Tribeca Soho Animal Hospital:

  • A multitude of services: General wellness, diagnostics, surgical,  holistic, and end of life care
  • Specialization in Cardio care: A trained Cardiology Specialist on-site who completed his fellowship in cardiac physiology and interventional cardiology 
  • Promotional offerings: Current promotions include senior client discount, a multi-pet discount and a $25 referral program!

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Abingdon Sq. Vet

  • Neighborhood: West Village/Greenwich Village
  • Location: West 10th street between Greenwich Ave and Waverly Place
  • Dog Spotted Profile
  • The Team: Dr. Brett Shorenstein, Dr. Dianne DeLorenzo, Dr. Jessica Goldberg, Dr. Rose Burdon, Dr. Kimberly Pueblo and Dr. Alison Reichard

A few things you can expect when you visit Abingdon Square:

  • $50 New Client Credit 
  • Passionate Doctors and Staff
  • Offers Telehealth for existing clients
  • “Fear-Free” and “Low Stress Handling” Certified Vets – making the experience of a Vet appointment for your dog more relaxing.
  • Human-Animal Bond Certification – their vets are certified from a program that prepares veterinarians and animal care staff to meet the bonding needs of both pets and their owners. 

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ABC Animal Hospital

What’s happening at ABC Animal Hospital?

  • Dr. Dan’s Pet Products: Dr. Dan developed a line of high-quality skin and dental care products to give your pet the best money can buy!
  • Bi-lingual office providing support to clients in both English and Spanish
  • In house boarding and pharmacy to provide dog parents with additional support and services

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West Village Animal Hospital

  • Neighborhood: West Village
  • Location: 75 w. 13th st. (btw 8th and 9th ave)
  • Dog Spotted Profile
  • The Team: Dr. Jessica Lee, Dr. Dan Smith, Dr. Charles Berk, Dr. Sonia Gi, Dr. Angela Hildenbrand, Dr. Jean-Paul Petrie, Dr. Alexandre Rousseau

What to expect when visiting West Village Animal Hospital:

  • Easy online scheduling! Click here to get an appointment today.
  • 24-hour nursing care provided for hospitalized and medical boarding patients
  • Chiropractic Therapy to help alleviate pain for your dogs spine

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Are you a client at any of these Vets? If so, let us know what your experience was like in the comments below!

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