Spot’s 7 Favorite Amazon Products


There is no shortage of choices when it comes to dog products in the market. As a pet mom, I know just how important it is to buy the best for your little one, even if that means getting something silly like a hot dog bed. (In my defense, it’s SO CUTE!) Thankfully, trusty Amazon also has plenty of options that are not just adorable but useful as well. So, get ready to start adding to your cart!


Portable Dog Paw Washer | Ideal for All Dogs

Price: $12.49

Every walk with your dog will end with muddy paws. That’s a given. Add rain or snow to the mix and you’re in for a hell of a time trying to clean both them and your home. Thanks to the Dexas MudBuster paw washer, your life will become just a teensy bit easier. Simply add some water, dip each paw in thrice and let the silicone bristles work their magic. It comes in different sizes and is perfect for trips to the park or beach.

The Paw-fect Paw Washer

Chuckit Ball Launcher | Ideal for Energetic Dogs

Price: $9.99

Is there anything our doggos love more than playing fetch? Well maybe meats, but fetch is pretty darn close. Instead of doing it the usual way, take playtime up a notch by using the Chuckit ball launcher to throw a tennis ball. It will challenge your dog to run faster and farther and burn some of that excess energy off in the process.

How far can your dog run?




Petmate Arm & Hammer Swivel Bin & Rake Pooper Scooper | Ideal for Big Poopers

Price: $17.95

The joys of puppy parenthood include scooping poop every single day, and sometimes accidentally getting a little bit on your fingers (ugh)! Thankfully, poop duty doesn’t have to be so hard anymore thanks to this ingenious product. Use the sturdy rake to push your dog’s waste into the rotating, enclosed bin. It works brilliantly on every surface plus the handle extends up to 32 inches so you don’t even have to bend. Picking up poop has never been easier!

Team #pooperscooper – We’re all in this together



OneTigris Dog Camping Backpack | Ideal For Active Dogs

Price: $35.98

It’s always fun to go hiking or camping with your dog. What’s not fun, however, is having to carry things for both your dog and yourself. This backpack comes with two decent sized pockets that can be filled with some water, treats, and maybe a few toys to ease your burden. Just be sure not to overfill it or else your pooch will tire out too quickly.

Lighten your load with this Backpack







Furbo Dog Camera | Ideal For Dogs With Working Parents

Price: $189.05

This is perhaps at the top of my wishlist for my own babies. What makes it different from other dog cameras in the market, you ask? Not only does it have a full HD camera and night vision but it also comes with 2-way audio and barking alert. The icing on the cake, however, is that it can actually TOSS TREATS to your dogs. Yep! Simply fill up their favorite treats and toss it whenever he’s a good boy or girl. Now tell me that doesn’t sound phenomenal!  It’s perfect for working people who have to leave their pets at home for long hours.

Treats and Camera Time!


Calming Donut Dog Bed | Ideal For Anxious Dogs

Price: $31.99

If your cuddle buddy is the anxious type, this calming donut bed is exactly what they need in life. Not only is the faux fur super soft to remind them of their mama, but the raised rim will also provide much-needed head and neck support. The next time there’s thunder, your little one will ignore it and drift off to La La Land thanks to this bed. It’s secure, warm, and ADORABLE!

Donut you just want one for yourself?







Cooling Elevated Pet Bed | Ideal For All Dogs

Price: $28.99

While we are on the subject of beds, here’s another one that is a must-have during the summer months. It elevates your baby and allows air to flow through the mesh so that your dog stays super cool, even when it’s scorching outside. It comes in different sizes and is extremely sturdy!

Be Cool, Be Relaxed


As promised, these products from Amazon will make your life so much easier and help your pet as well. What are some of your favorite doggy items on Amazon? Let us know in the comments.

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