Adorable Dog Dad Gift Ideas for Father’s Day


Being a dog dad is a huge responsibility and an honor! If you have a special dog dad in your life who loves his four-legged baby more than anything, here are some “Pawther’s Day gift ideas that are sure to bring a smile on his face:



Personalized Mug

Price:  Starting at $14.95

Personalized mugs always make cute gifts for coffee enthusiasts, but this one is even more special because of the darling artwork! You can choose from tons of customization options from the breed of the dog to the skin tone and hair of the dad to even his clothes. Best gift ever for the best dog dad ever!

The Mug that Keeps on Giving


Can Cooler

Price:  $6.50

Whether he’s a beer lover or just a soda guy, this can cooler will make sure all his beverages are always as chill as him. After all, being a “dogfather” is hard work and he deserves some downtime with a drink at the end of the day. Choose from a variety of coolie and text colors for the perfect combination.

Cool Down with these Coolers





Thoughts of Dog Hardcover

Price: $14.99

If you don’t follow them on Twitter, do that RIGHT NOW. The creator Matt Nelson really puts himself in the paws of our canine BFFS to come up with some hilariously adorable thoughts of a dog. Some are funny like “the human is attempting exercise at home. and to help them with this. I will climb on top of them. making any movement almost impossible.” and others are just plain heartwarming like “the best thing I did. this entire decade. was love you” (Aww!). The point I’m trying to make is to follow them and buy this book to make your dog dad’s heart melt!

It’s a Page-Turner

Hugo Coffee Roasters

Price: $19.95

If your dog dad loves caffeine almost as much as he loves his pooch, this coffee will definitely perk him up. The best part is that proceeds from every bag of Hugo Coffee sold go to dog rescue organizations. Isn’t that awesome? Plus, if the reviews are anything to go by, the coffee is pretty darn good too. Win-win!

We are HUG[E] Fans of their Coffee!





Furbo Dog Camera

Price: $199

If you are more of a practical gift giver, why not go with the Furbo pet camera? Not only does it come with a 1080p Full HD Camera & Night Vision, but it also has 2-way audio and barking alert. Of course, the best part is that your dog dad will be able to toss a treat to his furbaby via the Furbo app even when he’s away!

The Best tool for a Long-Distance Pup Relationship

Pawprint Keepsake Kit

What dog dad wouldn’t want to have lasting memories of his little one? This heartfelt gift comes with a beautiful frame as well as everything you need to create a clay paw print. He’s going to love both the keepsake and the fun experience of getting his pooch’s print as well!

The PAW-fect gift





Customized Dog Socks

Price: $13.99-$18.99

Why give him socks with random dogs on them when you can get these customized with pictures of his own precious pooches? Simply upload an adorable, clear picture (make sure it’s high quality) and voila! It’s fun, quirky, and the perfect father’s day gift for dog lovers.

Just don’t let your dogs chew through them

Underwater Dogs Hardcover

If your dog dad has a penchant for all things quirky, why not give him this coffee table book with a twist? Photographer Seth Casteel has done an amazing job of capturing our furry friends in their element trying to catch a ball underwater. The pictures are amusing yet impressive and are sure to make any dog lover happy!

You’ll just want to dive in and read





The DogFather T-Shirt

If the dog dad your celebrating is a movie buff, into the mafia, or loves a good pun – this shirt will be a great fit. Who doesn’t want to be known as The DogFather?

You can order this with a Seamless order of Italian food to celebrate


Bowser Beer for Dogs

Price: $26.99

I know what you’re thinking, beer FOR dogs? Yep, that wasn’t a typo. Bowser beer is made with human-grade beef, pork, or chicken and is combined with malt barley to make a delicious and nutritious brew for dogs. Serve it chilled in a bowl or pour it over kibble to make it interesting. Now dad and his four-legged BFF can chill together with a 6-pack.



These Father’s Day gifts are guaranteed to make any dog dad’s day! What other awesome gift ideas can you think of? Let us know in the comments!

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