5 Doggie Food Delivery Services for Fresh Ingredients


Home-cooked meals for your dog are all the rage. At first, people started feeding their dogs the raw diet. Then people turned to actually cooking homemade meals for their dogs! While it’s great that pet parents are taking such an active role in their dog’s diet, you have to make sure that what you’re feeding your dog has all the required minerals and nutrients they need to stay healthy. That’s why, if you’re one to find the thought of making your own dog food overwhelming, food delivery services can be a welcome alternative. Here are 3 of the best dog food delivery services that we’ve found:



Spot and Tango 

Price Range: $10-$90 per week 

This company offers dried dog food (“unkibble”) along with fresh ingredients for your pup’s meals. To get started, you take a quiz about your pup and its habits along with giving their weight, age, etc. After that they offer you different recipes and a price range depending on how you answered the questions to their quiz. The food is also ready-to-serve, so no need to worry about cooking it yourself (we know some of you have enough on your plate!). They offer beef, turkey, and chicken doggie meals. They will also be adding lamb as an option in November. 

Bring your Spot and Tango with Yummy Food

The Farmer’s Dog 

Price Range: $4-$10 per day

This increasingly popular company prides itself on never freezing the food they send and delivering it in a timely manner in eco-friendly packaging. It is a little more costly than the other options, but this is likely due to its freshness. They offer USDA, human-grade turkey, beef, chicken, and pork recipes to choose from. They also say that all of their food’s nutrition exceeds industry standards for dogs (according to the AAFCO).

Farm the best food for your dog





Pet Plate 

Price Range: $1.50-$12 per day

Pet Plate offers fresh, human-grade food for your pup. You can choose from recipes made with lamb, chicken, turkey, beef, or all of the above! You can also choose either a full meal plan or a topper plan, which gives you the ability to mix the food they supply to you (at a lower price) into the food you already have. This can be a great cost-effective option for those who want to try it out first or simply want to add variety to their dog’s diet. 

Served on a Beautiful Pet Plate


Price Range: $21-$50 per week

Still indecisive on how many fresh ingredients to put in your dog’s food? Ollie allows you to choose between 25%, 50%, or 100% food options so that you can choose exactly how much fresh food you want to feed your pup.  They add ingredients such as blueberries, rosemary, and sweet potatoes to their recipes so that your dog is eating flavorful but healthy luxury food. It’s one of the more affordable options and offers beef, turkey, chicken, and lamb options. 

Ollie Ollie Give to Me





Hungry Bark

Price: $42-$45 for two weeks 

Hungry Barks takes a careful look at your dog from multiple angles; age, weight and allergies. You complete a 1-minute assessment to find what would be best for your dog from there you select custom meal plan options. Next, you can select from the recommended meal, supplement, and protein mix-in. Usually they have a promo, 20% off their trial.

Barking for Joy

Are you looking to feed your dog fresh food? If your dog has tried any food delivery services, listed or otherwise, let us know what you or your pup have thought about it!

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