Dog Walker Spots | 5 Places to take the Pup in Manhattan


The Floof Club was founded in Stuyvesant Town (East Village of NY) in 2019 as a pet service focusing on dog walks, cat sitting, daycare, boarding, and portraits. It has since continued to expand to surrounding neighborhoods! Overnight boarding at The Floof Club provides endless love, snuggles, and adventures around New York City. I treat each dog (or cat!) like my own, allowing them to make themselves comfortable sleeping on my bed. Depending on the dog’s size and energy level, I like to bring them with me on various day trips to explore the city. As a city dog, I think it’s important to give them the true culture of a New Yorker! Below are my top 5 picks for adventurous excursions during their stay at The Floof Club.



East River Promenade

This shoreline is perfect for the athletic floof. I’m personally not a runner but if you give me an active dog, I’ll pretend I’m a runner and take them for a jog with a view. Even the not-so-active pups enjoy a casual stroll here, as do I.

Madison Square Park Dog Run

This park is close to home and great for any size dog to get some of that pent up energy out! I like that the ground is all pebbles which helps keep your pup’s fur nice and clean.





Chelsea Galleries

One of my favorite activities in the city on a Saturday afternoon is looking at some fantastic artwork, so why not share that experience with a pup?! This is usually a small dog activity so I can carry them discretely in my purse – they love the ride and views!

Battery Park

Every city dog needs some culture! I like to show them the Statue of Liberty, Sea Glass Carousel, and then let them chase the birds around the park (though some dogs enjoy chasing the tourists more).





Carl Schurz Park

This park contains small and large dog runs with beautiful views of the East River. This park is very clean and has a great neighborhood feel. It’s an enjoyable experience for both human and pup!

Comment below your favorite spots to take your dog on an adventure!

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