Doggie Yoga & Meditation


For us humans, yoga is an effective way to improve the health of our bodies and minds. But did you know yoga can be performed with our four-legged furry friends too? That’s right – it’s called Doga – and it’s become increasingly popular among pet owners. So what in the world is Doga and should you do it? Read on to find out!

Dog…What? What is Doga?

With all the diet and exercise trends that have emerged over the years, it should come as no surprise that the term “Doga” has cropped up. The concept of Doga, created by Suzi Teitelman, is an effective way to establish a healthy dog-care ritual for your fuzzy loved one. Although your pooch won’t suddenly master the art of mindful breathing or coordination that typically emanates from practicing regular yoga, they will enjoy a plethora of benefits, such as the soothing energy, stretching, and massage aspects of the sessions. 

So, why should you consider incorporating Doga into your weekly routine? Here’s a few reasons:



your dog Will Reap the Physical Benefits

For pups that are overweight or out of shape, Doga can provide the exercise needed to help your pooch shed some pounds and build muscle. As with any physical activity, Doga will help facilitate healthy blood circulation which is important for maintaining your dog’s overall well-being. Just like with humans, regular exercise can improve range of motion and flexibility while helping to prevent ACL injuries and arthritis as your dog grows older.

Fun & Entertaining Bonding Time

Nurture your doggie-human companionship by engaging in assisted poses that require you and your canine to work together. These exercises are shown to bolster both the bond and level of trust you and your pooch share. The deep focus and relaxation of performing Doga will help you forge a deep, authentic connection with your lovable furball. Plus, the more you solidify your bond with your dog, the easier it’ll be to facilitate behavioral training or learning new tricks in the future.





An Enjoyable Way to Stimulate Your Pup’s Mind

Sure, yoga is fun on its own. But, think about how much it’ll be amplified with dogs added to the mix. Having your precious pooch join you during a class is not only a heart-warming experience, but it gives your pup the space to exercise their curiosity and build their cognitive skills. What’s more, Doga classes provide a tranquil outlet for your dog to socialize with all the other furry companions in the room. You know what they say: “Live, Love, Bark!” Ruff ruff.

The Ultimate Relaxation Time

At the core of Doga practices are techniques focused on breathing and relaxation, which are ideal for hyperactive dogs who could use a little more calming. The stretching and massage portion is specifically targeted at delivering peace and serenity to your pooch. Additionally, the exercises utilized during your Doga session are perfect for helping your pooch expend some of their energy. When all of these methods are combined, it provides a beneficial outlet for anxious or yappy canines who need guidance on learning how to embrace stillness and relaxation.





 Recharge Your Social Life as a Dog Parent

Let’s be honest: it’s hard meeting new people. If you’re someone who avoids loud or crowded dog parks, this is an opportunity to forge new relationships with other dog owners. Your pup will also benefit from the joy of being in a social environment that’s both soothing and controlled. If your pooch tends to be shy around others, Doga provides an outlet to build crucial social skills which are pivotal during walks and other public outings.

Have you done DOGA? If so, share with us your experience and pics! Be sure to become a Spotter for more fun dog activity ideas.

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