Instagram Dogs in 5 Dog-Friendly Cities by Size


Cities are notorious for being crowded and busy. Sometimes you just need to smell the roses and look at cute dogs. Don’t worry, we made it easy on your phone battery and thumbs to find the cutest pups from small to large in 5 cities: New York City, Austin, Seattle, Los Angeles and Boston.


New York City

The big apple is where you can find the strangest characters in Times Square, and the best restaurants hidden in creepy alleyways. See below for our featured trio of the concrete jungle!


Well this little Louie is rocking that harness!


Same, Hazel, same. I am still very sleepy before my first puppuccino.


Sadie has a smile that would light up any room. Love the tri colors too!



The music scene is jiving, restaurants are dog-friendly, and cowboy boots are hitting the pavement. Let us show you some of our favorite pooches from the state of Texas.


The most dapper of boys with his green bow-tie. Looks like he’s ready for the prom.


Making this insta-famous wall even more lovable! Welly certainly is a good boy!


This boy definitely seems like a momma’s boy! It’s definitely that southern charm!



The rainy city is known for its coffee also has some great nature hikes to explore with your pooch. Plus, they do have some fashion icons – check out the large pooch from Seattle below.


Boris is clearly a waterfall guy! Can’t blame him, but we think he’s the best view!


This adorable 3-legged pooch makes Fall so adorable. We can't HANDLE it!


Kirby is a chameleon when it comes to playing movie stars. For a second, I thought I was checking out Tom Cruise from Top Gun!


Los Angeles

Los Angeles, the city where stars are born. Don’t forget there are people (and dogs!) that make the city shine bright. You got your mail pups or spa managers that make your relaxation dreams come true. See the pups below, and you’ll see what I’m talking about.


If this was my mailman, I would order from Amazon everyday. Oh wait...


Who said boys can’t have fun with the girls at the spa?


Play with a stick, but make it fashionable.



Ahh, Bahston. The city of great sports, great BEER-Ah, and the Havard YAHRD where you can park your CAH. The city with many colleges and universities you may not have even heard of. My favorite being Northeastern University (that’s where I went to college). But see below for other SMAHT looking pups.


My morning stretch, I call it the sunbathing dog.


Safari meets Massachusetts. I’m ready to take on any adventure in this green paradise.


In case you haven’t heard, I’m the new AirBud.

Thank You For Voting!

Well, that’s our roundup for these 5 cities. Don’t see your city above? Comment below which city you would like to see next! If you think your dog should be featured, share their Instagram handle. Our team of Dog Spotters will evaluate best for small, medium, and large!

Check back in 4 weeks to see the results!

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