8 Must-Have Apps for Doggy Parents


From dating, shopping, ordering in, watching your favorite shows, playing games to logging your bowel movements (yes, really!), there’s literally an app for everything these days. It’s not surprising that there are quite a few apps for doggy parents as well and some are actually pretty awesome. Check out our list of must-have apps if you have a doggo in your life.




Training your dog is fun but it can also get tricky at times so it doesn’t hurt to get a little help. Puppr is a wonderful app with step-by-step photo instructions as well as a built-in clicker to help you become a master dog trainer. There are more than 50 lessons that cover everything from basic tricks like “Sit” and “Stay” to more advanced ones like “Cross Paws”, “Kiss”, and “Skateboard”. You can even keep track of the tricks your dog has learned and set daily reminders. Having trouble getting little Fido to listen to you? Their premium subscription will give you access to their live chat feature where you can get all your questions answered.

Train with Puppr


Amazon (with Smile Turned On)

While there are endless options when it comes to shopping for your dog, Amazon is a one-stop-shop for all your pet needs. Think food, treats, beds, medicines, accessories, and all the toys your dog will ever need. Not only can you check out thousands of top brands but you can also find great deals, get discounts, buy straight from your phone, save your favorites for the future, and even contribute to your favorite shelters with Amazon Smile.

How to turn on Amazon Smile







I don’t know about you but I would never date someone my dogs don’t approve of. Thanks to Charmr, the official dating app for all pet-lovers, you can now find other like-minded single dog parents who love their little one just as much as you do. You simply “Push the paw” (instead of swiping right), swap cute photos, and go on dates. They even offer special discounts at pet-friendly locations so that’s awesome! Did someone say doggy date?

Get CHARM’ed here



There’s nothing more devastating than losing your furbaby and if you’ve ever had to go through that horrific experience, you’d agree that an app like this is absolutely needed. The Shadow app uses the power of technology and thousands of volunteers to reunite lost pets with their families. Start by posting a picture of your lost (or found) pet. The app will then give you a couple of actions that you can do next which include printing flyers, sharing on social media, contacting nearby shelters and more. Volunteers will then help match photos from shelters that are close by and with other found pets, and help you until you bring your dog back home. It’s pretty amazing and it’s free!

Help find a lost puppers!






Fi Smart Collar

Why get your little one just an ordinary collar when you can get them the smartest one ever built? The Fi collar works together with the app to help you track your dog at all times so if they ever do jump over the yard and get away, you will instantly know where to find them. You can even add everyday step goals to ensure they stay at their healthiest best. You can also add as many dogs and owners to your account so loved ones can always have access to their whereabouts. The best part is that the collars come in a ton of collars and styles and they’re waterproof. The future of dog collars is here!

Track your dog with Fi


Wouldn’t it be great to have all your dog’s information including their medical records, feeding instructions, reminders, and cute photos in one place? With Pawprint, you can do exactly that and keep all your doggo’s favorite humans in the loop. To get their official records, all you need to do is find your vet on the app and let Pawprint do the rest. They will contact your vet, gather digital copies of their medical records, and store everything on the app. You will also get reminders when their checkups and vaccinations are due and you can even keep track of other details like their monthly tick and flea medication. This is a great app for when you’re traveling, are at the groomers or in case of an emergency. Plus, it’s free so yay!

Yes, I want all records in one place – SIGN ME UP!






Petfinder Adoptable Pets

Adopting a dog just got a whole lot easier thanks to Petfinder Adoptable Pets. Whether this is your first dog or your second baby, this helpful app will let you filter potential puppers by location, age, size, and gender. You can even add photos of dogs to find look-alike candidates. Save favorite pets and shelters and much more with this amazing app!

Find your Pet

Pet First Aid by American Red Cross

Ideally, you should always rush your dog to the vet if they seem unwell or meet with an accident but in an emergency situation, it doesn’t hurt to know basic first aid. This app by the American Red Cross features clear photos and detailed videos for common ailments and accidents that your pet could end up facing. Other than instructions on what to do there are also emergency tools that will guide you to the nearest vet. It’s a great app for unfortunate, unforeseen incidents.

First things First




Having a dog is fun and rewarding but it comes with its own set of challenges and difficulties. These apps will definitely make being a pet parent a tad easier. What dog apps do you use often? Tell us in the comments!

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