New City? No Problem! How to Help Your Dog Adjust


Moving cities can be fun and an opportunity for new adventure, but a lot of us are creatures of habit (our dogs included) and moving can come along with stress! How can you bring your pup along for the adventure without the unwanted stress? Keep reading and we’ll help you and your dog to a new environment with ease.

How Can I Help My Dog Adjust to a New Home?

Understanding your dog is the best way to start helping them adjust. While you’re trying out some of these ideas, take note of how your dog may be reacting to the situation as a whole. It’s really easy, with all that may be going on, to forget that doggy depression is a real thing and is something that you should watch out for when a big change is in the works. It would be a good idea to read up on the signs of dog depression and keep it in the back of your mind. It’s always better to be on the safe side!



Scope Out the Area

How dog-friendly is the area that you are moving to? Is there a neighborhood park nearby or do you have a new backyard? Is there a safe walking area for you and your dog? If you said “I don’t know” to any of these questions, it’s time to find out! These elements can be some fun things that you can introduce to your dog once you get to your new city. Some of these may have been a big part of your furry friend’s life in their old location and it’s important that you keep some of these beloved adventures in their schedule!

Recreate Your Dog’s Favorite Space

It’s hard to not toss out that old dog bed that may be a little worse for wear or that couch pillow that could’ve seen better days. All of the items that your dog just loves to get dirty. I mean, a new house means new stuff right? Not so fast. Although these items are small, your dog associates them with home, their home. In some cases, changing houses won’t affect them, but leaving their stuff behind will. You can avoid this by recreating your pup’s space in their new home. Leave a familiar pillow on the couch, put their bed in a similar space, and make sure they have a lot of the same toys available. Your buddy will thank you and their happiness will be there to show for it!





Make New Friends!

In a new city, you will meet so many new friends and for your dog–many new butts to sniff! Just as you have to make an effort to get out and make friends, don’t forget your dog needs to leave the house too! Do a quick Google search and check out some dog friendly establishments near you. Your dog will get to see different areas around the city, get out of the house, and be more active all at the same time. Meeting new friends is fun, but you definitely can’t forget the old! Make sure to plan out some time for old family and friends or even your pooch’s old best “fur-ends” to come spend some time at your new place.

Create New Memories

Although it’s important to keep some of the old routines, you’re in a place of new adventures, so explore them! Make new memories with your dogs by going to new places and smelling all the new smells. Let loose and have fun–your dog will feed off of your energy and if you’re comfortable, they will be too.





Remember…Old Habits Die Hard 

Just like you are moving away from the coffee shop you go to every morning, your dog is moving away from their usual buffet of scents and favorite potty spot. Yes, it can be a little disheartening leaving your favorite baristas behind, but what if you’re leaving behind the best bush on the block? You will adjust and so will your dog, but just know that adjustments will take time and the perfect replacement will just take some seeking out. Be patient with your dog and yourself! It’ll be worth it in the end. What have your experiences been with moving with your pup to a new city? Let us know in the comments below!

Have you recently moved to a new place? How did you help your dog with the transition?

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