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Once upon a time my best friend Kathy dragged me to a cat café. For a cat lover, this place was heaven on earth. Cat themed seats, food and décor brought the experience to another level, but the real star of the show was the cats themselves.

My biggest takeaway from the evening – is there a dog version? And more importantly, why have I never been there? A quick google search confirmed my plans for the next day, as the name Boris and Horton popped up on my screen. With my dog Fozzie in tow, we made the quick walk from my apartment to what I now consider to be the true “Heaven on Earth”.


Nestled in the East Village, more specifically, on the corner of Avenue A and 12th street, Boris and Horton resides in an ideal neighborhood. With easy access to the FDR drive, Boris and Horton allows Brooklynites, as well as folks from all over Manhattan and the tristate area, an easy commute to and from this idyllic venue. The east village is also full of amazing shops to explore when you aren’t at Boris and Horton. It is also one of the most dog friendly areas in the city with plenty of parks, outdoor dining, and stores geared towards all your pooches needs (and wants).


Upon entering Boris and Horton, you are greeted by a set of doors labeled dog side and human side. Since dogs aren’t allowed on the human side, I always grab a spot on the dog side first and leave my pups to roam while I order, but fear not anxious friends! The window between the two sides allows you to keep an eye on your fur-child or vice versa.

Yogi watching me through the glass getting my coffee from the dog side | @cmbreaks

The human side is a small café type setup with a coffee bar, pastries, and some seats. There is also a takeout window for those looking for an on the go pick me up. I’d like to consider myself a pretty experienced coffee drinker and when I say this coffee is good, I really do mean it. My order is an iced vanilla latte with almond milk, which I would give a wholehearted 10/10. The café menu consists of beverages with highlights such as “The Lassie”- a house made lavender latte, and “The Horton” – a house made spicy mocha latte, as well as your traditional espresso drinks and teas. 

For those of you needing a different type of pick me up (which given the current circumstances, aren’t we all?) Boris and Horton also serves beer, wine by the glass (or bottle), and an assortment of canned beverages such as a mimosa and rosé! The food options are slightly limited with only things like avocado toast, grilled cheese, chia pudding etc. But fear not, because the pastries are A+!


Now, onto the main event- the dog side. If I could move into this place I totally would. The space itself is bright and airy and is perfect for spending extended periods of time working or hanging out. The walls are painted with a bright and fun mural and their infamous neon “wine, friends, pups” sign (which I NEED in my apartment) shines bright above the booths. The seating options are great and allow for many parties to be accommodated while still being able to spread out. 

There is also a little boutique set up with apparel and supplies from small local vendors. I picked up a bag, a bandana, and a toy. There was tons more I could’ve purchased (if I had the financial means). Arguably my favorite aspect of it though is the photo booth. With chests of props and outfit options at your disposal, as well as the ring light set up, you can make sure you’re looking paw-fect for your close up to commemorate your day at such a memorable spot!

my mom and I taking a photo with fozzie at the photobooth pre-covid | @cmbreaks

Still not convinced? Boris and Horton also hosts weekly events such as trivia, birthday parties, bingo, breed meetups, adoption events, bake-offs, and crafting hours as well as special pop-up vendors, like the pupper cup, pet portrait classes and commissions, custom resin name tags and more!

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