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Dog Spotted Review of Pupford Training Academy


As most dog moms and dads, we want our fur children to behave well in public. I think what can be difficult is understanding training your dog is not just about your dog, it’s about YOU (the dog parent) committing and staying consistent. Every dog has their strengths and weaknesses. Whether it be to not bark at other dogs (unless it’s a playful woof), not pull us as we’re walking down the street, eating trash from the sidewalk or peeing inside the house – every dog has something to work on. Pupford Training Academy is an online tool that helps you do just that.

I was excited about the opportunity to try Pupford Academy with my dog, Lucy. She is pretty well-behaved but definitely has some skills to learn. 

Fun Fact about Pupford 

dog training

Before signing up for their Training Academy, my best friend and I had tried their treats with our dogs and they just go crazy for them in the best way possible. What I love about the Pupford Academy is that it helps the user better understand when to use certain treats depending on what behaviors you’re working on.

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Before I launched Pupford Academy

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To best understand if the app met both mine and Lucys’ needs, I wrote down what I hoped to get out of the online training experience to see if their database was as comprehensive as advertised. To my excitement, it was! Items on my list were:

  • Her sometimes not-so- friendly approach to other dogs
  • Trying to pick food off the ground when we go on a walk
  • Her ability to ‘drop’ or ‘leave’ something per my request
  • Ways to engage my dog

Let me show you their user-friendly dashboard:

This picture is the first image I saw once I logged in:

Pupford Academy

Please find below a breakdown of their offerings:

The Dashboard 


The online workshops tend to be less than 5 minutes. (Which is great for my short attention span when it comes to videos!)

As mentioned before, each dog has their own unique attributes which makes them different. If you’re adopting a dog you may encounter other issues that stem from their experiences from their previous home(s). That’s why it’s great that their content covers a wide range of topics.

Please see below some of the courses listed in Pupford Academy (they even have a course to help dog parents groom at home!)

  • How to Train your Puppy in 30 Days to be Well-Behaved
  • New Dog Starter Kit (for those getting ready to bring their dog home, what to expect, what to buy before their arrival, etc.)
  • Dog First Aid
  • 7-Day Recall Challenge
  • Barking Solutions
  • Potty Training

And so much more!

Pupford Training Academy Sounds

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My favorite part of the Pupford Training Academy is their library of sounds.

I’ve seen a good amount of tools when it comes to dog training. However, this element of the app is by far the most unique and comprehensive. Just inside your pocket (no additional items required), you have a symphony of training sounds from a training clicker to a car honking to another dog barking.

It is super easy to access, in the bottom right corner of their app you’ll find a Sounds Button.

There they have a range of sounds from:

  • A clicker: a great trigger for training and to get the attention of your dog)
  • Animals/Pets: different types of barks, meows, birds, the jingle of a collar, squeaky toy
  • Nature: Rain, thunder, river, etc.
  • Home: Vacuum, dishwasher, security alarm, shower, blender, disposal, etc.
  • Instruments: Saxophone, Blues Guitar, etc.
  • People: A cough, yelling, cheering, sneeze, et.
  • Transportation: Honking, car alarm, bicycle, etc.
  • Misc.: Party horn, balloons, fireworks, even an ‘Alien’ sound
  • Record your own sound: You’re able to record sounds or words that may not be listed

So, what did I try first? Enrichment Activities!


I choose Hide & Seek for Lucy and I to get our feet/paws wet. My initial assumption was it would involve me hiding and just waiting until Lucy found me. To my relief, it was a game to help her work on ‘Stay’ and using her sense of smell. 

How to play Hide & Seek with your dog

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Gather treats in your hand that are small. Ask your dog to ‘Stay’, and slowly walk away to hide treats in fairly obvious places.

Please Note: At first when I started to walk away to hide the treats, she could smell something good… so she began to walk towards me. I made sure she ‘stayed’ and was located in a certain spot where she wouldn’t be able to see where I hid her treats. Key to the fun and the hunt.

After 1 minute of meticulously hiding her treats around the living room, I said “Okay!” (her release word) and she was flying around the apartment searching for her favorite treats. Her tail was wagging and she was excited to put to work her great sense of smell. 

Did you know that doing 15 minutes of enrichment activities is the equivalent of 1 hour of physical exercise for your dog.

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I’m so excited that we tried Pupford Training Academy and we definitely plan on using the app more to do training and activities with Lucy.

Have you tried Pupford Academy’s App? If so, what was your favorite feature?

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