Top 5 NYC Dog Trainers That We Know and Love (Plus, discount codes!)


Whether you’ve just adopted a new friend or you’re experiencing some unruly behavior, you may be curious about who to call. It’s not ghostbusters… Dog Trainers! Luckily in a big city there are many options. We’ve listed 5 trainers we love and know. Plus, many are offering discount codes on our shop small page. Please note they are in no particular order.



Kate’s Canines

Kate is a Certified Master Dog Trainer from the Anthony Jerone School of Dog Training. She is an Associate Member of the International Association of Canine Professionals and a therapy dog trainer for The Good Dog Foundation. She became a dog trainer because she thoroughly enjoys being around dogs, but also because she loves talking to and connecting with people. Her motto is ‘I train you to train your dog’ and people who work with Kate understand and fully accept that they, too, will undergo a positive transformation. When your training program is complete, the happiness as a result of the improved relationship between dog and human is palpable. People hire her to train their dog. And then they realize that they are the ones who need the training, and their dog is just coming along for the fun-filled ride!

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Zen Dog Training

Alexis Toriello is a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant and Owner of Zen Dog Training in NYC. She studied canine cognition at Hunter College’s Master’s program in Animal Behavior, and so her training approach is science-based and centered on building a trusting and reliable relationship between you and your dog. 





Calm Canine Academy

Calm Canine Academy was founded under the ethos: Modern training for every dog. We believe every dog deserves effective, compassionate teaching and every human – no matter their location or income – deserves access to credible training and behavior services.

CCA is a fully digital training service, which benefits both dogs and their humans! Affordability, convenience, and worldwide accessibility make us attractive to the humans, and our ‘Trainer In Your Pocket’ service provides unique support which can significantly impact success in a training plan. For the dogs, the low-stress learning format can be key to seeing the behavior change – particularly with young, distractible puppies, and dogs with complex fear or aggression concerns. 

Our team of certified, experienced trainers will empower you to change your dogs’ behavior, and strengthen your relationship. Using humane, modern training methods, we develop trust, boundaries, and understanding between species.”

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The Dog Behaviorist NYC

Dominik Feichtner offers packages for his clients that are ideal for those who experience reactivity when on leash, separation anxiety, housebreaking, and just overall obedience. He not only works with your dog, but he works with YOU to give you pointers on how to go about training your dog.






New York Dog Nanny

Cynthia’s training is holistic and takes into account: environment, nutrition, emotions, mental and physical needs which all influence your relationship with your dog. It is based on meeting [ds-dog-name’s needs in a way that allows their personality and your relationship to flourish. The New York Dog Nanny’s speciality is difficult behavioural cases such as aggression and leash pulling. She has 10 years of experience operating a dog daycare, 15 years as a pet reiki practitioner and 7 years as an animal communicator.  

Tips On How To Choose A Trainer


Are none of these trainers in your area? Here are some tips on what to ask when looking for a dog trainer:


The Trainer Offers What You’re Looking For: Trainers all have their own effective methods and special skills. Ask yourself what you’re looking to teach your dog precisely and in what setting. Does your dog have specific behavior traits that pose an issue for training? Ask your trainer about their experience with these issues.


Ask What Methods They Use: There are many techniques and methodologies on how trainers approach their pups. Find out which one aligns the best with you and which one you’re the most comfortable with.


Figure Out The Trainers Experience. There isn’t a perfect amount of study to make a trainer well qualified, but it could contribute to your decision. Consider their creativity and enthusiasm. See their skills and what resonates with you. 


Cost. Cost is important, and as the old saying goes, ‘you get what you pay for.’ It’s equally valid when taking a class where you want to see some promising results. Consult your budget and write down some pros and cons of the trainers you find to narrow down your decision. 


Is there a dog trainer you just love? Let us know in the comments.

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