Top 5 Dog-Friendly Hiking Spots Near NYC


Is your dog tired of sniffing the same lamppost every day? Are you looking for a place where you don’t have to cross the street to socially distance? Or perhaps you’re simply cooped up and want a change of scenery? Switching up your walk routine can help engage understimulated dogs and humans alike. We love taking our pups to different areas in the surrounding NYC area, so if you’re looking for a fun day trip, here are five places you and your pup can visit to get your hearts pumping.



Overlook Mountain

Look over Woodstock and the surrounding area on Overlook Mountain, a pet-friendly 4.6-mile out and back trail that leads to the summit. It is a moderately-difficult trail with a variety of steep inclines, so if you’re looking to break a sweat, this might be for you. It also has some cool landmarks like a historic fire tower, mountain house ruins, and a great view of the Hudson River Valley.

Check out @FastestDoginbrooklyn at the top of Overlook Mountain!

Stump Pond Loop Trail

Visit Stump Pond Loop Trail for a light 4.5-mile hike in Blydenburgh County Park that clocks about 2 hours. If you love pointing at horses when you pass by a farm, you’ll love sharing this trail with the horses that can walk next to you. Don’t forget to leash your pup! There’s also a beautiful lake pictured below!

How cute is this pooch at Stump Pond Loop Trail?





Montauk Point Lighthouse Cliff Walk

Although dogs aren’t allowed in the buildings, you two can hike alongside the ledges that surround the lighthouse and sit on the boulders when you need a rest. You can also access the nearby beach, which is a little rocky but is especially beautiful during the early fall. This trail is a great way for you and your furry friend to experience the relaxing sensation of hearing the ocean waves and feeling the ocean breeze.

Kona is contemplating which ball will be her next chase on this gorgeous beach!

Cornish Estate Trail

Looking for a fun, scenic hike? This 5.1-mile loop in Cold Spring offers views of Mount Beacon and the Hudson River at the very top. You and your pup can explore the ruins of the Cornish Estate (which was destroyed by fire in the 1950s) and sit within them while taking your snack break. If you decide to walk the full trail, you might be in for some steep inclines, which is why this hike is ranked as moderately difficult on most hiking sites.

Albus is quite the model and makes hiking look like a breeze.





Gedney Park

If your dog is actually trustworthy off the leash, you might want to bring him to the off-leash dog area at Gedney Park. It’s only 30 minutes from NYC and offers beautiful streams, a dog-friendly lake, and multiple hiking trails for you and your dog to enjoy. There are miles and miles of woods to explore, so make sure you bring lots of food and water if you’re gonna hike all day!

This Frenchie conquered this Park, can you?

So get ready to put on your hiking boots, grab the leash, and become one with nature. What are some places you like to hike with your dog? Share with other Spotters!

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