What Does Your Dog’s Sun Sign Say About Them?


If you’re into astrology, you’ve probably spent more time than you’d like to admit reading about your zodiac sign and horoscope. I know I have! Ever wondered why your dog has the personality they do? Sure, their breed and how they were raised play a role, but there’s more to it. According to many astrologers, dogs have zodiac signs too that affect their nature, needs, and emotions and make them who they are. Interesting, right? Find out what your pooch’s sun sign says about them.



Aries | The Alpha Dog

March 21 – April 20

  • Symbol: Ram
  • Color: Red
  • Compatibility: Leo and Sagittarius 

Strong-willed and extremely active, an Aries dog is a certified alpha dog. They are happy little goofballs who love to play and run around. While they are enthusiastic about learning new things, sometimes they have trouble following through and will just stop midway. So, don’t be surprised if you have to fetch the ball yourself occasionally…it’s nothing personal. They are a wee bit selfish, so if you have other pets, your Aries dog will definitely try to dominate them. They love to be the center of your world so treat them accordingly.


Taurus | The Comfort Seeker

April 21 – May 20

  • Symbol: Bull
  • Color: Green
  • Compatibility: Virgo and Capricorn

There’s nothing more a Taurean dog loves than to find a comfy spot and lounge around. Their motto is “Naps are life” so fully expect them to sneak up on the couch when you’re not looking. Having said that, they are also very protective of their families and make great guard dogs. They are headstrong, stubborn,  and don’t like change so if you have an ever-changing schedule, a Taurean dog may not be the one for you. When they’re not napping, they enjoy outdoor activities and walks. They are also big foodies so make sure you have a variety of treats stocked up at all times.





Gemini | The Chatterbox

May 21 – June 20

  • Symbol: Twins
  • Color: Blue
  • Compatibility: Aquarius  and Libra

Whoever said cats are curious clearly hasn’t met a Gemini dog. These inquisitive pooches love to explore the world around them and have limitless energy. Keep a close eye on them if they’re outside without a leash as their curiosity could make them wander off. They are also very social and love to meet new people and other doggos. Most Gemini dogs are also very vocal and have no trouble voicing their opinion. Anxiety comes naturally to them so they may develop habits like constantly licking their paws or biting their nails. Try to distract them by talking to them. They love activities and tricks that get them to use their motor skills and paws. Digging is a personal favorite, so if you have a backyard, don’t be surprised to see holes every now and then. They will do anything for attention, including getting into trouble, so make sure there’s plenty of cuddle time every day!

Cancer | The Lovebug

June 21 – July 20

  • Symbol: Crab
  • Color: Blue
  • Compatibility: Scorpio  and Pisces

Cancerian dogs think of their hoomans as their world. Because they’re so dependent on their families, they could suffer from separation anxiety when left alone, so make sure they have their favorite blanket or toy when you’re not around. They are also super sensitive and don’t take criticism well so don’t be surprised if they go into hiding after you shout at them. Water activities are their jam so plan beach days and fishing trips often. They are a little shy but nurturing comes naturally to them. That’s why they’re great around children and new puppies. If you’re feeling unwell, trust your Cancerian furbaby to stick by your side until you feel better. They do have a sweet tooth so hide sugary snacks out of their reach and feed them healthy fruits and treats instead. Give them lots of affection and positive reinforcement and watch them flourish!






Leo | The Diva

July 21 – August 20

  • Symbol: Lion
  • Color: Orange and Gold
  • Compatibility: Sagittarius and Aries

Leo dogs are without a doubt the kings or queens of their home. They adore the spotlight and enjoy being pampered. If you love to play dress-up with your pooch, a Leo dog is the one for you. They are extremely social and are eager to meet new people and dogs. They’re natural leaders so if you have more than one dog, expect the Leo to be in charge. In general, they’re fearless and loyal, which makes them all the more amazing. They are the happiest when being fussed over by humans. So never stop doting over them and shower them with tons of compliments…the more the better!

Virgo | The Perfectionist

August 21 – September 20

  • Symbol: Virgin
  • Color: Earth tones
  • Compatibility: Capricorn and Taurus

Just like their human counterparts, Virgo floofs love routine and aim for perfection in everything they do. They like having a job to do, which is why they make awesome worker dogs. Think police, fire, and special needs dogs. They are hardworking and dedicated, making them super easy to train. They’re big on cleanliness, so regular baths and grooming sessions are a must. They could be a little timid and short-tempered at times, which is why it’s recommended that you start socializing them early on. They are also cautious when it comes to new things. Just give a Virgo dog plenty of tasks to do and they will be as happy as can be.





Libra | The Social Butterfly

September 21 – October 20

  • Symbol: Balancing scales
  • Color: Green
  • Compatibility: Aquarius and Gemini

Is that your shadow behind you? No, it’s just your Libra dog. Libran canines have a whole lot of love to give and expect the same in return. They thrive from being the center of attention and will happily socialize with humans and other animals alike. When it comes to changes, they find it easy to adapt, so if you’re somewhat of a nomad, a Libra dog is the one for you. They do enjoy companionship, so consider getting another pet so they can have a partner-in-crime. They’re quick-witted and sharp and pick up new tricks easily. Challenge them with games that keep their mind working and snuggle with them as often as you can!

Scorpio | The Loyal One

October 21 – November 20

  • Symbol: Scorpion
  • Color: Red
  • Compatibility: Pisces and Cancer

Considered to be the most intense sun sign, Scorpio dogs are pretty much the same as their human counterparts. They are usually one-person dogs and loyal to a fault. They’re also very protective and secretive and you will find that your Scorpio dog has many hiding spots for their toys and bones. Because of these traits, they make excellent police and guard dogs. They could get revengeful if they’re left alone for too long or if they see you showering another pooch with too much affection. Expect them to show their disapproval by chewing something they’re not supposed to or peeing inside the house! Because they are natural detectives, they enjoy nose work and “Find it” kinda games. They like their own space and aren’t as needy as some other dog signs.





Sagittarius | The Entertainer

November 21 – December 20

  • Symbol: The Archer
  • Color: Dark Blue
  • Compatibility: Leo and Aries

Sagittarius dogs were born to entertain and make you laugh! They love to perform and won’t shy away from repeating their tricks over and over again if it gets them attention and applause. They are very intelligent and friendly and are happy to be around lots of people and other doggos. They do love their freedom and can make friends easily. Any habit they pick up stays with them forever, be it good or bad. So, if you see them doing something you don’t approve of, make sure you nip it in the bud. They are high-energy dogs and love to be on the go, so keep them mentally and physically stimulated always and don’t forget the positive reinforcement.


Capricorn | The Wise One

December 21 – January 20

  • Symbol: The Mountain Goat
  • Color: Black
  • Compatibility: Taurus and Virgo

Cap pups are known to be calm and composed. Apparently, their playful side becomes more active as they get older. When it comes to training, they pick up things quite quickly and easily. Discipline and dedication are built into their personalities. They’re the perfect dogs to take on hikes and other outdoor activities. They get along well with other pets as well and will even become the leader of the pack. The best thing about Cap dogs is that they’re always dependable!





Aquarius | The Helpful One

January 21 – February 20

  • Symbol: Water Bearer
  • Color: Gold
  • Compatibility: Libra and Gemini

The humanitarian of the zodiac, Aquarius dogs were born to help. They are brave, loyal, and ever-so-focused when they have a job to do, making them perfect candidates to be a police, fire, or a service dog. They are highly intelligent with one-of-a-kind personalities but can also be unpredictable at times. They also have boundless energy that can make them go from zero to sixty in a few seconds. While they do love other animals, they also need time and space to recharge every now and then.

Pisces | The Intuitive One

February 21 – March 20 

  • Symbol: Double fish
  • Color: Green
  • Compatibility: Cancer and Scorpio

Known for their loving and sweet dispositions, Pisces dogs adore their humans and can’t stand to be away from them for too long. They also have a sixth sense when it comes to their human’s moods and will often try to cheer you up if you’re down. They do have sensitive souls and tend to get upset when yelled at. The good thing is once you’ve corrected them, you seldom have to repeat yourself. They thrive on physical affection and cuddles. They’re not particularly active, so you have to force them to get their daily quota of exercise. The good best part is that they’re happy to do anything as long as it’s with their human. Pisces doggos define unconditional love!



Now that you know what your dog’s sun sign says about their personality, tell us – what is your your dog’s sun sign, and do they show the traits mentioned above? Leave a comment!

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