9 Dogs That Look Like Their Celebrity Parents


It’s common belief that couples eventually start to look alike. As someone who has been with her significant other for almost twelve years now, I can confirm that this is indeed accurate. So, if it holds true for our partners and offspring, could it also be the same for our pets? For these 9 dogs that look like their celebrity parents, that certainly seems to be the case. Check them out!



La Toya Jackson and Prince

Take a look at La Toya’s precious Pomeranian, Prince and we’re sure you will agree that there’s some resemblance there. It must be the feathered hair and matching highlights. According to La Toya, Prince is treated like absolute royalty, and with that name, I’d expect no less. He even has a Louis Vuitton dog carrier and only drinks Fiji water. Oh to be a celebrity’s pet…

Hailey Bieber and Oscar

The Biebers adopted little Oscar back in 2018 and he’s such a little darling! Their “dogson” as Justin calls him even looks like his mom with his blond tresses and beautiful brown eyes. Speaking of tresses, back in April 2020, Hailey posted about her biggest low as a dog parent when she shaved Oscar’s hair but went a little too far making him look like Dobby from Harry Potter. Aww!





Joe Jonas and Porky Basquiat

With a killer sense of style and strikingly beautiful eyes, little Porky Basquiat really takes after his hooman dad, Joe Jonas. He’s even got Jonas’ signature mischievous smile that melts hearts everywhere. Porky even flew on a private jet to be his dad’s groomsman during Joe and Sophie’s second wedding in France. He’s living the dream!

Nick Jonas and Gino

What’s with the Jonas brothers bringing home dogs that look like them? To be fair, this brown-haired handsome fellow was a gift from his wife Priyanka Chopra for their first anniversary. Doesn’t he look just like his dad? The couple also has two other dogs – Diana the Chihuahua, and Panda the Husky/Australian shepherd mix and you can follow all of them on Instagram. As they say…the more, the merrier!





Amanda Seyfried and Finn

If there’s one thing Amanda and her pooch Finn have in common, it’s that infectious smile. Just look at them! Amanda started as a foster mom to Finn but was convinced to become his pawrent after spending just a day with him. She gives him full credit for helping her deal with her anxiety and OCD issues and improving her overall mental health. Well, dogs will do that to you…especially those with a smile like that.


Emmy Rossum and Pepper

Emmy Rossum may have rescued Pepper, her Terrier-Havanese mix but the resemblance between them is uncanny! They have the exact same hair and innocent black eyes. We’re told that everyone has a doppelganger somewhere but apparently, these doppelgangers aren’t always human. Emmy’s furry family also includes two other dogs named Cinnamon and Sugar and a cat named Fiona. That sounds like my kind of family…





Tom Holland and Tessa

Tom Holland is a total cutie but his furbaby Tessa is even cuter! In fact, they both seem to have mastered the art of making puppy dog eyes. Tessa is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Tom specifically chose that breed because of the stigma that they are dangerous. Tessa is absolutely beautiful and Tom makes sure to take her along wherever he goes. Now, this is true love!

Kendall Jenner and Pyro

With a slender body and long legs just like her supermodel mom, Pyro the Doberman Pinscher is a beaut! Kendall posts about her baby on Instagram quite often and takes her everywhere she goes…on walks, shopping trips, to restaurants, and even on their private jets. Look at Pyro just living the good ol’ west coast life…





Lucy Hale, Ethel, and Elvis

Lucy Hale has not one but two furbabies who are teeny tiny and totally adorable just like her. Elvis came into her life in 2016 and he’s a star…possibly an even bigger one than Lucy herself. More recently, Lucy adopted Ethel who is as precious as they come! She’s a self-confessed stage mom and her family of three is pure perfection!

Aren’t they all just absolutely precious? Which celebrity pet is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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