Boots for Dogs: Trendy or Practical?


Have you ever walked on hot pavement or snow barefoot? It hurts! Now imagine what it must be like for your dog when they go on walks. Dogs don’t have the option to slip on those comfy tennis shoes or trusty snow boots, and a lot of the time they have to go outside just to go to the bathroom. But what if I told you that there is a way to protect those precious little paws? Dog Booties! Yes, they are a thing, but are they worth the hype? Read on to find out.



Why it’s important to keep your dog’s feet protected

Your dogs may seem like superheroes jumping repeatedly on concrete and zooming across the snowy yard, but that doesn’t mean their paws are invincible. The footpad of a dog is actually quite delicate underneath that sturdy seeming exterior as it holds sensitive blood vessels that when damaged, can put your dog in great pain.

Are my dog’s paws protected on hot pavement?

Hot asphalt can exceed temperatures of 145°F which can leave blisters and sores on any bare surface that touches it, including those cute little toe beans. If your dog’s paw stands on this surface and blistering occurs, they may have trouble walking, need it to be bandaged, or even taken to the vet for antibiotics. It’s hard to put your dog through something that can be prevented, so if you can’t comfortably put your hand on the pavement for 10 seconds, it is NOT safe to walk your dog without foot protection.





Are my dog’s paws protected on cold surfaces?

Although some dogs love running through the snow and fully embrace the cold, their paws may not be able to handle it. The lack of moisture in the air and the painfully cold temperatures can cause significant abrasions and cracks to mark their feet. Another danger lies within the salt that is spread to melt ice. This will cause burns on your puppy’s paws so it’s best to keep them away from salted sidewalks unless you can protect their feet.  

Are my dog’s paws protected on rough terrain?

Hiking with your dog can be so much fun and a great way to keep both you and your dog active. However, trails can be filled with those sharp rocks that love to cut humans and dogs alike. You have protection in those hiking boots, but your fluffy friend is exposed to all of those jagged surfaces. There’s nothing that can put a damper more on the hiking trip than a hurt pet, which could be easily fixed with some type of foot protection.



Dogs in their Booties


We see some of our hardest working Canine friends on the daily grind to fight crime and keep criminals off the street. However, these dogs don’t always have the option to walk around the broken glass or have their owner keep an eye out for chemical spills or rough and rocky terrain. There is nothing that a dog parent or handler wants more than for their best friend to stay safe and healthy on the job. And hey, there is nothing wrong with being fashionable too! K9 Buck from the Vermont State Police Department looks incredible in his vest and booties and looks quite proud to be wearing them too. Just look at that smile!

If the shoe fits, wear it! Life doesn’t have to be serious and fashion choices don’t have to be practical. These four-legged friends look incredible, even if it was just for a quick Instagram shot. 






Why can’t they be both trendy and practical?

Something as simple as boots shouldn’t have to be put into one category or the other. Do you want your dog to be trendy and have soft feet that feel amazing? Or just be able to do what they love a lot longer? If you said yes to any of these, a pair of Dog booties are for you. Boots also don’t fit just one personality, some of our favorite… Rif Ruf sneakers are listed on our Shop Small page where you can get an exclusive discount. Check it out here!


We are confident you will be able to find one that brings out the inner diva or athlete in your fierce four-legged friend. Will you be getting your dog booties? Let us know!

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