A Dog Day in NYC


A city dog deserves to experience it all, which is why having a day where your pup can follow you around is a great way to have a bonding experience (and get them to sleep through the night). If you are in the NYC area, here are some fun ideas for a day on the town with your dog.



Central Park

Start off your day with a morning stroll through the 843 acres of greenery known as Central Park. You and your dog will likely run into a ton of other pups roaming around, so it’ll give you both a chance to do a bit of socializing! You can even have your dog off-leash from 9PM-1AM and 6AM-9AM, so if you get an early enough start, your pup will be able to roam around freely (with only a few exceptions). If you’re not able to make it to the park that early, there are tons of other parks throughout the city that will allow your pup to be off-leash.

Dog Cafe

If after that walk you’re feeling a bit it may be time to get some caffeine in your system. Boris & Horton is New York’s first dog cafe, located in the East Village and open to both you and your furry friend. Head over to the takeaway window to order, and go inside once you have your drink, breakfast, and dog treats. The cafe also has events, so definitely keep an eye on their calendar!






If you’re looking to really get a workout in, Inwood Hill Park on the island of Manhattan has three different trails for you and your dog to explore. You can also see caves, valleys, the Hudson River, and the Palisades (which is a fun walk for another day). And if you’re into bird watching, keep an eye out for bald eagles, a bird is known to frequent the area.

Dog Restaurant

If you’re looking to really splurge as a reward for a fun-filled day, The Wilson in Chelsea is the perfect place. This restaurant even has a dog menu stocked with steak, salmon, chicken breast, vegetables, and fruits, perfect for the canine connoisseur. Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of tasty human dishes to choose from too!





Visit an Art Gallery

I know what you’re thinking. An art gallery? With my dog? Yes, you can even visit an art gallery with your dog. The William Secord Gallery is dedicated to some of the best nineteenth and twentieth-century dog art. While your dog may not really care, you’ll still get a kick out of seeing all the wonderful paw-traits everywhere. You can even get a portrait of your own dog done there too!

Puppies and Pints

Ever fancied having a beer with you and your friends? Probably so. But what about having a pint with your pup? While they don’t actually serve beer to dogs (although dog beer does, in fact, exist), the Brooklyn Brewery does allow leashed dogs in their tasting room. You’ll have to come without your pup if you want to take a tour of the brewery though (hard to blame them not wanting dogs near expensive equipment!)



Now it’s time for a nap! After a day like this, your dog will be too tired to move another paw. What are some of your favorite places to take your dog?

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