7 Ways To Keep Your Dog Occupied When Indoors


“Who wants to go out!?” As a dog parent, this question probably elicits uncontrollable tail-wagging and oodles of joyful yelps from your dog. After all, fresh air and playing outdoors can furnish your furry pal with the mental stimulation and exercise they need to stay happy and healthy. But what happens when Mother Nature has other plans? Whether you’re housebound due to rumbles of thunder, snowed in, or you’re nursing some sniffles, you can still entertain your pooch while spending the day indoors. Here are 7 activities that’ll ensure your dog still gets the stimulation they deserve inside:



Teach Your Pup Some New Tricks

Let’s face it: as talented as your cuddly canine may be, folding the laundry will never be included in their repertoire of tricks. However, take advantage of your time indoors together by teaching your pooch a new trick!

Summon Your Inner Child & Play Hide-and-Seek!

Why hide-and-seek? The classic game provides an effective outlet for reinforcing commands, such as “stay,” with your dog. Not only is this ideal for human-animal bonding time, but it’ll give your pooch the opportunity to exercise and utilize their problem-solving skills. And it’s kinda fun for you too!





Use Household Items to Craft a DIY Toy

From tennis balls to milk cartons to boxes, your home is full of items you can use to create fun toys or puzzles for your pup to engage with. Check out these 6 bark-tastic DIY food puzzles you can make for your dog from everyday objects found around your home.

Ahhh…Grooming Sesh!

Add a little peace and tranquility to your day by transforming your home into a doggie-grooming oasis. Brushing and bathing are normal facets of a healthy routine for your pooch. Between chores, shuffling kids to school, extracurriculars, professional obligations, and maintaining some semblance of a social life, it’s easy to let these grooming sessions fall through the cracks. Here’s your opportunity to make up for lost time by spoiling your tail-wagging pal with a relaxing spa-inspired day. Need some tips on where to start? These hacks will ensure you’re a pro-groomer by the end of the day.





Stimulate Your Pup’s Brain

To improve your canine’s cognitive health (and overall well-being), actively engage their brain and sharpen their skills by playing games that require your dog to tap into their problem-solving abilities. For example, take a mouth-watering treat and place it under one of three cups. Shuffle the cups around before asking your dog to locate which cup the treat is under. You also may want to consider purchasing a food-dispensing device, which is designed to make your furball work for some chow.

Become a Master Doggie Masseuse

Treat your dog to some well-deserved TLC with a massage. This has a plethora of benefits, including stress relief, decreased muscle pain, enhanced flexibility, increased circulation, and a stronger human-doggie bond. There are a lot of free guides on how to best massage your dog you can use!






Play with Bubbles

Invoke some nostalgia by playing with the same non-toxic bubbles every toddler loves. You can teach your dog to chase around bubbles, and they’ll have a blast doing it! It’ll keep them entertained, exercised, and bubbling with joy. You can even step up your game and purchase one of these dog toys that blow bacon-scented bubbles for your pooch – talk about the ulti-mutt dog toy! You can use these refillable bubble pods with the dog safe bubble listed above (don’t use the solution that comes with these bubbles for your dog!) and it’s a great gift you can make for friends with dogs.

Sometimes circumstances call for an afternoon inside with your paw-fully cute pal. Whether you invite over his or her doggie BFF for a playdate, bake some scrumptious belly-pleasing dog treats, or simply strengthen your relationship by teaching new commands, there’s a ton of ways to make the most of being stuck inside.

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