Doggy Birthdays & Gotcha Day!: 6 Ways to Celebrate


It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and I’m not talking about Christmas! It’s your fluffy pup’s birthday! You’re not just celebrating them being on Earth, but you’re celebrating your best friend and all of the memories the two of you have made together. Birthday parties aren’t just for humans, dogs can have a paw-some time at them too. I’m going to show you how we celebrate our dog’s birthdays/adoption days so that you too can give your dog the celebration of a lifetime!



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Invite Some Friends

Well, it depends on your dog! Does your dog love doggie play dates and being around other dogs? Maybe consider inviting a few friends and their pets, or taking your dog to a dog park. Does your dog want you all to themself? Spend some bonding time with them and give lots of love (and treats!).





Photo Ops!

Let’s be real, your dog may not care about photos but you certainly will! There are going to be so many opportunities for photo ops from the time they’re diving into their cake to playing with your party guests. However, there are some decorations that you can get to take these pictures to the next level:

Dog Hats | Price: $12.99

Birthday Sign | Price: $7.99

Birthday Balloons | Price: $5.99

DIY Decorations Unicorn Style | Price: $22.99

Get a Family Picture

This is a priceless photo opportunity that you cannot turn down. We took a family picture with our dogs and it is something that we absolutely treasure.

The Cake

In my opinion, the cake is the most important part of the party and my dogs seem to think so too! Our version of a dog birthday cake is basically a mish mash of what’s in the pantry, given it is stuff that they can eat. Thankfully they aren’t going to be picky on how it tastes all together. As long as they like each individual thing, they’ll eat it. Below is a list of things that you may have in your pantry that your dog will fall in love with:

  • Pumpkin: My dogs LOVE canned pumpkin and it acts as a good base for cake. It’s cheap and definitely doesn’t have to be used just for pumpkin pie!
  • Peanut Butter: This will help all ingredients stick together. Peanut butter is not only a go to treat, but one that is super healthy! Peanut butter will load your dog up on some heart-healthy fats and give them something to smack their lips about. (Just be sure it doesn’t include xylitol)
  • Apple Sauce: This is one of those things that I hate, but our dogs love.
  • Chopped Carrots: This can be substituted for just about any crunchy, healthy treat that your dogs love. This will add in some texture.

For final touches, add in some oil, an egg, and a little bit of whole wheat flour. These ingredients will make your cake into an actual cake! Bake at 350°F and just keep an eye on it, but it really should take no more than 20 minutes no matter what you put in there. 

Sounds disgusting, right? They will be head over paws for this yummy birthday cake. Also, don’t forget to top it off with a candle for that perfect picture!






You do not need to go all out on presents. Dogs don’t need the newest Apple Watch or headphones. They just want something new and exciting! You can go out to the pet store and buy a new toy or a box of their favorite treats, but you can just as easily get them the present of spending time with them such as going on a longer walk than normal or just laying in bed with them for a little while longer. Just make them feel loved and special, it is their day after all! If you do decide to get them a present, here are some cute celebration-themed toys:

Musical Birthday Cake Plush Dog Toy | Price: $9.99

Plush Cupcake Toy | Price: $7.99

White Paw Original Two Pack Parody Funny Dog Drinks with Squeaker | Price: $16.99

Party Places

your dog won’t mind where their party is, so keep it convenient for you and the guests you plan to invite. I have some ideas that you can use for inspiration while you’re trying to pick your party space!

The Park | Take the celebration to your local park! Pack the cake and a frisbee and let your dog run loose. This is a great idea if you don’t want others in your house at that moment or if you don’t have enough room for who you are planning to invite. Your guests will love getting outside if it’s a nice day, but make sure your dog has shade and extra water if it’s on the hotter side.

The Backyard | This is my favorite option if you have a nice backyard and you are looking to have a casual get together with friends and their dogs. Let the dogs run wild in the back with all of their friends and fire up the grill! Just because it’s your dog’s birthday, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun too. Make it a party for everyone!



No matter what location you pick, the cake you make, or the people you invite, your dog will have the day of a lifetime! Just having a day where your dog is the center of your attention will be enough and make the day that much more special. On behalf of me and my dogs, we wish your dog a very happy birthday.

How did you celebrate your dog‘s last birthday? Share your story below!

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